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Merging duplicate images

Hello all! I've been working on cleaning up the files server of my company's HubSpot account. We've had multiple agencies, developers, and marketing managers using HubSpot over the years with no set structure, so things were a huge mess! There are duplicate images and files all over the tool, so when we need to update something, we wind up having to do it multiple times.


This made me wish there was a way to merge duplicate images files, so that when you discover you have 6 of the same image linked on mulitple pages, you could pick the one you want to be the main image and HubSpot could work it's redirecting magic to correctly relink/update links to point to the main image, then you could delete all the other versions. In my mind this would be like when you have duplicate contacts in the CRM - you pick the default and can merge in the others.


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