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Merging Tickets

In my place of work, we recieved multiple different emails from one customer containing important information, all of which pertains to one ticket. Is there any way for me to combine all of these tickets into one main ticket that will then be built on by all future emails?

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This would be helpful for our organization too. We have a Contact form set up that is collecting email requests. Sometimes a single contact will submit several requests. Some may be related to each other while others are unrelated. It would be super helpful for us to be able to group these appropriately.


Love this idea! Would also be interesting, although, in truth, I'm not sure if this is a best practice -- to relate tickets to one another somehow. We use tickets for internal change management and sometimes small issues are related to bigger issues. We can fix something small (i.e. merge duplicate records) for an individiual user, but we also need to make modifications to a bigger issue (our custom integration).


This would help clear up our ticket log! We get several emails for the same issue and end up with 8 tickets instead of just one.

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Agreed.  We can merge deals, contacts, and companies - so why not tickets?


All merge functions have risks and benefits, but there are plenty of scenarios where merging duplicate queries into a single ticket would certainly be useful.

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 Merging as well as relating tickets to each other - parent/child or linking them together - would be very helpful.


For my organization, merging tickets will be so helpful! Some contacts are opening two or more tickets in a row for the same issue... We hope this feature will be introduced soon.


Merging tickets would be extremely useful to our business!


We need this ASAP it is a standard feature that we use in our previous ticketing system.


It is extremely useful and a huge timesaver to be able to merge all info collected into one ticket. Please get this feature implemented! 🙂 


We also really NEED to merge tickets. Sometimes we have more than 8 tickets open depending on one single customer issue.

Merging tickets and auto tagging companies to tickets depending on contacts are standard features in our previous system.


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Yes! We there are several instances where the same issue is referenced in several tickets, so it would be great to merge them all into a single ticket.

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Although this idea status says "Submitted" - the function already exists: 


Until a couple of weeks ago, we didn't have the service hub, and this functionality looks quite new (that web page is dated 7th Dec '18).  I'm guessing the function is part of the paid-license?


Maybe the moderators could update the status of ideas in this forum inline with paid/free products?  I'm sure there are a few on this thread for whom merge is/was a deal-breaker.  Knowing the function existed may well have accelerated our adoption.

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@PeterC- I still don't see the merge option on my end though... Anyone at HubSpot know if this is slowing being rolled out to service hub customers?


Screenshot_2018-12-11 BSG Maintenance.png

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@tmcginnis Funny you should say that... it vanished from our tenant too.

Query it with support.  I was told it was "ungated" last week, but became "gated" this week. 


They're looking for the key to our particular gate now Smiley Frustrated

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@PeterC- will do. Thanks!


Yes, we need to have the capability if a ticket comes in under the same name or email that it would merge with the previous ticket just like a contact record, I understand if some people need multiple tickets, but we need the option to have them merged since that would clean up our tickets and have less confusion.

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Merge tickets is here:



If it is missing from your tenant, contact Support.

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The ability to merge tickets in HubSpot CRM is now live to all!


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.56.33 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-03 at 1.57.17 PM.png


You can merge one ticket to another but multi-merge would be helpful. 


User: selects multiple ticket record checkboxes active in ticket list -> Merge tickets -> select one parent ticket and merge all else as child tickets OR type id for parent ticket


There needs to be an ability to bulk merge from the main ticket list view.  This would also be great for contacts, company and deal records as well.  Most ticketing systems allow you to select multiple tickets, and then choose the primary ticket to merge all the selected tickets in to.  Zendesk and freshdesk both allow this.  


Also it is very important to be able to merge from any ticket and choose the primary ticket. Currently, you must be in the ticket you want to keep and then find the ones you want to merge into it.  You really need to be able to look at a ticket and merge it into another.  




I open ticket A and realize that it is actually part of ticket B.  I need to right then merge A into B.  currently I must first navigate to ticket B and then I can merge A into B.    


It would make much more sense to simply select the one I want to be the primary ticket allowing me to merge from any record.