Merging Deals

It would be valuable to be able to merge two or more existing DEALS.  Different people can create a DEAL and building out notes, tasks, etc., and, in fact, it turns out to be one big DEAL rather than several small ones.  The ability to MERGE them, while retaining all history, notes, etc. would be valuable.  Otherwise we have to manually agree which *one* will be our "master" going forward.  THANKS!

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Very basic feature and we could really use this, please. Thanks. 

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This would be a valuable feature to help improve deal management in accounts where there can be multiple contacts or multiple activities in a period of time that generate leads which when worked often consolidate.

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This would ideed be a huge help.  Sometimes two deals get created because two different email addresses trigger the workflow and then we need to merge them after correspondence and notes have been put in.

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Totally agree, we need this feature

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This is an essential feature for every sales software and CRM. 

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Yep. Still not sorted?