Merging Deals

It would be valuable to be able to merge two or more existing DEALS.  Different people can create a DEAL and building out notes, tasks, etc., and, in fact, it turns out to be one big DEAL rather than several small ones.  The ability to MERGE them, while retaining all history, notes, etc. would be valuable.  Otherwise we have to manually agree which *one* will be our "master" going forward.  THANKS!

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This is currently in planning! We'll post again here once we have more information for you, but we hear your request Smiley Happy

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Hey Hubspot,

This is an almost 2 year old request with 168 upvotes. You already have pretty good algorithms for merging contacts where the logic could be applied to deals. Any chance you can put that into a sprint?

My use case is this:

We do B2B and my reps are working on deals with customers but sometimes they direct customers to order online from our E-commerce platform. Now I have the history of a deal that someone has been working on for a couple of months with different personas and then I have the E-commerce deal from a single person but it has all the right numbers on quantities, products and revenue. Of course I need to keep the history from the first deal but now I have to manual copy paste certain values over.

The feature could be like for contacts where you have one deal that is the primary but all other properties that do not have a value in this deal get carried over from the second one. Or you make it a big table view with all properties and let people check and uncheck which property should be taken over from which deal.

I hope this helps! Happy to jump on a call and get some more questions from your PMs.

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Sad to see this doesn't exist yet especially with so many requests over two years. Would help us a lot too.

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UP yes plz

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We would love to use this as well. Especially because some steps of the pipeline are synced automatically with our ordering tool via API and some steps are not.

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YES PLEASE... need to be able to merge deals! very important

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 Yes, the way in which our trial to paid customer system works, there is often the case where the trial license key and paid license key do not marry up for a multitude of reasons. Therefore, having the ability to merge these two deals together manually is critical for us to ensure that we can link the Trial Deals with the Paid Deals. 

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Agreed. We need this!!

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Agreed. Our team would really like to have this, too.  It happens especially with global sales teams that often start with different groups/contacts/departments and find that there's one deal in the end.  Please do make this happen, Hubspot.  Thanks!

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Also for us this feature is really essential so we can use Hubspot in a efficient way!