Merging Deals

It would be valuable to be able to merge two or more existing DEALS.  Different people can create a DEAL and building out notes, tasks, etc., and, in fact, it turns out to be one big DEAL rather than several small ones.  The ability to MERGE them, while retaining all history, notes, etc. would be valuable.  Otherwise we have to manually agree which *one* will be our "master" going forward.  THANKS!

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This is currently in planning! We'll post again here once we have more information for you, but we hear your request Smiley Happy

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Agree with all the other comments.  This feature is long overdue and would be very beneficial to have

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Major problem when migrating to Salesforce...all kinds of duplicate deals now. I've had to zero out the amounts and add labels in the Deal names just to keep it all straight. Especially bad because there's no way to map all the notes and attachments over to Salesforce so I need to keep those deals around for historical context in case someone comes knocking.

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yes please, we need deal merging

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Yup. I need this too. Duplicate deals get created all the time.

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Needed please. Was an important feature we used a lot on Pipedrive, and it s a loss in productivity not to have it in HS. 

Two opportunities can be worked on by 2 sales rep. Then  merged with one taking ownership, and all deal data gets combined.

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Agreed let's add this!

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Dang. I was disappointed to learn this isn't already a feature. Upvoted for justice! 

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We often find that two different people related to the same deal may have called in and separate deals were created, but not to be realized until later in the pipeline. 


ALSO with the new Shopify integration ... when someone places an order online for a deal we've been discussing with a client for months we now have two deals and therefore show twice the revenues. This is another use case where merging deals would be valuable. 

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I totally agree. This would truly benefit our business in which deals often start as individual opportunities and then grow to merge into one larger one.


I fully support this upgrade.



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It's been a year, please give us this option!