Merging Deals

It would be valuable to be able to merge two or more existing DEALS.  Different people can create a DEAL and building out notes, tasks, etc., and, in fact, it turns out to be one big DEAL rather than several small ones.  The ability to MERGE them, while retaining all history, notes, etc. would be valuable.  Otherwise we have to manually agree which *one* will be our "master" going forward.  THANKS!

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Totally need this feature - huge time sink having to resolve duplicates / merge data manually

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I'll just jump on this bandwagon and would love to see this functionality come about fast. We are starting to see more and more duplicate or deals that have merged into one through the sales process. 

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I'd like this feature as well, but something to consider:


Should the amount properties be totalled up, or in a case of deals truly being duplicates instead of parts of one larger deal.  In either case, we'd need a prompt from HubSpot for the user to make that choice.

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This is a common problem for me as I common contact who run separate projects. Later in the piece, there is a merge of projects on their end and therefore I need to do the same with my records to save confusion. Please build this into the next update.
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Any response from HubSpot on why you can merge companies and not deals? Silliness..

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This is a request that has been going on for over a year now... HubSpot, this is a MAJOR pain point for us. Please update.

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It's STUPID you can't do this.  I can't say anything else other than - this is a friggen sales App for #$^% sake - and we merge deals all the time!  What are you guys doing?  This has been lurking on this board forever as a serious issue.  I also posted this where a Community Mgr stated you can't do it.

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Yes, this is an excellent idea! I ran into this as a problem today. We can merge contacts and companies but not deals, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement this problem. 

This feature is so important!

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We've been exclusively using HubSpot for almost two years, and this is a constant issue. Deals need to be able to be merged! Before we started paying for HubSpot, we used a free version of another CRM and deal merges were included with that. As a CRM, this is a necessary feature.

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Agreed ^ HubSpot can you give us an update where this stands?