Merged (Secondary) Emails Don't Appear in Export Files


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When we started using Hubspot we merged duplicate contacts with different email addresses. Now when exporting contacts there is no option of exporting the merged email addresses which are saved as secondary email addresses. In future this may lead to redundancies. In order to avoid further duplicate contacts it is important to be able to lookup also the secondary email addresses and compare with a potential new email but right now the secondary email is kind of hidden. It can be used to send an email to a contact but further than that there is no other functionality related to it as I could test. When downloading a file the secondary email does not appear in export files. Could you change this? If this is not planned to be changed then it is definitely better to forgo and not use the merge function.

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May 21, 2020

Hello HubSpot Community, 


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. I'm excited to let you all know that this is officially available via contact exports! 

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I recognize you can obtain the secondary email address via API (and apparently with a dedicated endpoint as BB1 pointed out. We recently encountered a situation where people were unexpectedly found with multiple email addresses and that affected an integration we have with our application. We needed to assess how many Contacts were in this state and it was not possible to export data via Hubspot's data export - secondary email address is still incredibly hidden there.


We ended up exporting the change history for the email field for all Contacts and using that as a data source to narrow the scope of affected users - only those that had changes in their email field. We wrote a one off script that utilized the API to query whether any of those users ended up with multiple email addresses. It could have easily been many thousands if this problem had persisted longer but took quite a lot longer to assess the impact because we couldn't simply export the data as a field from Hubspot.

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It's been about a year since I first commented on this idea post asking for details on the timeline and updates that @jennysowyrda teased about this issue two years ago. Any updates? Any timeline?


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One solution (but it's a manual process) is to export the email history. 

This can help identify some of the secondary email addresses.

Email Export History.JPG


My company also needs this capability.  It seems like putting the cart before the horse to release the "Review duplicates" tool and encourage the merging of contacts while simultaneously not allowing users to export any kind of report displaying both of a contact's email addresses.


March 2020 - Any updates on this implementation?? 


Yeah, I have been waiting for the past 2 years.  It could be as simple as just export two rows of contacts with different email addresses for each row for the same contact.

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Ditto to all the above.


Update to all - 

Not sure when it was implemented but when I export a list with ALL properties, one of the columns in csv/excel is called additional email. All you do is "text to columns" in excel and separate the emails with semicolon. 


Done deal for now. But HubSpot should in the future make each additional email a column so we don't have to use the formula in excel. Just a thought. 

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That's great to hear!

Thanks deaguer

Just confirmed. Great news.

Unfortunately that requires all data for 64K contacts be exported, but can't have your cake and eat it too, as they say.

Or used to say. I don't think anyone says that anymore.

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Hello HubSpot Community, 


Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. I'm excited to let you all know that this is officially available via contact exports! 

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Hi @Dylan - yes, I used it today, awesome!!!


It seems this is finally implemente. There is now a checkbox to include additional email addresses in the export



I've just exported my contacts in the hope of accessing the secondary email addresses, however, only the primary email address appears in the Email field.  Do I need to include a specific field in the export to see the secondary email addresses?

Thank you


Post script - the last two posts were not visible when I originally viewed this article.  I have just re-exported having selected the check box and received the result I was hoping for.  Many thanks.

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This is a pretty important topic, as what is the point of storing secondary options if we cant even access them for anything other than when we are doing 1 - 1.. And in a lot of cases companies sales team don't operate out of hubspot so they dont even know they have any other email options if the first bounces.  Hopefully this field can be developed further!


I also created a post about defaulting to the next email in line when sending a marketing email if the primary bounces.. Increasing functionality would be great here! upvote if you like!




I have tried everything I can think of and can not find an option to include additional email addresses anywhere. I also tried an export with all fields selected and additionale email addresses didn't show up in the resultant export. What I am doing wrong? Can someone please paste a screen shot showing where I can find this option? Or is there something I need to do to be able to see this option?


Many thanks!


Hi @gcohen.


First, you choose "Export view" from the "Table actions" dropdown of your Contacts page.



Then you make sure to mark off that you want to get all additional emails in your export preferences:



In your export, you'll find a column at the end with additional emails.


Hope that helps!



Hi @Dedicated ,


Thanks so much. I was trying to export a list rather than doing it from table actions. Works perfectly.


Greatly appreciated!