Merged (Secondary) Emails Don't Appear in Export Files


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When we started using Hubspot we merged duplicate contacts with different email addresses. Now when exporting contacts there is no option of exporting the merged email addresses which are saved as secondary email addresses. In future this may lead to redundancies. In order to avoid further duplicate contacts it is important to be able to lookup also the secondary email addresses and compare with a potential new email but right now the secondary email is kind of hidden. It can be used to send an email to a contact but further than that there is no other functionality related to it as I could test. When downloading a file the secondary email does not appear in export files. Could you change this? If this is not planned to be changed then it is definitely better to forgo and not use the merge function.

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This feature is currently in the planning stage and will be implemented in the future. Stay tuned for updates and timelines!


Our company really needs this as well. We need to be able to use the secondary email to ensure Magento and Hubspot have the same information, especially in the instance when a customer updates their email address via Hubspot.


 This is a basic feature that should be available in every CRM. You need to be able to use the secondary emails and not just store them. There are many people who consult for multiple companies and have lots of different emails. 


this functionality is really critical for us to be able to track the success of campaigns and linke marketing activity to sales outcomes. we are having to look at external solutions such as exporting data to power bi/ tableau and this is not ideal

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EmilyWinwood, you might be interested in our HubSpot to Power BI connector which is available in the HubSpot Integrations directory:


It is a low cost solution for developing dashboards and reports on the success of campaigns, and linking marketing activity to sales outcomes.  You can read more on our website here.


Power BI connected to HubSpot gives you very powerful reporting capabilities using data that updates automatically.


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This is an issue for us in trying to reconcile Hubspot with our current customer service ticketing solution or really any external customer databases. Any updates/timelines for when we will see this functionality?


This is a large pain point for us, are there any updates on the timeline for when this will be available? 


Yes please add this! Or give us a report on merged records so we can at least find them.


We are excited to see this enhancement too. We have many contact records that have had the e-mail changed through the use of cookies on webforms submitted by different contacts (which creates a secondary e-mail) and there is currently no way of reporting on the event in real-time or searching for these contacts to correct the records.

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@jennysowyrda I see the last update as on January 2018.  Can you provide more detail?




I hope this idea include exposing the secondary email addresses via the api to read and write, instead of changing the export file specs. I don’t see how any company can properly integrate any third party system like a CRM that has multiple emails per contact without it. Also, not sure how HubSpot can even consider themselves GDPR compliant without this feature since consent in the form of subscription types is managed at an email level and not contact level so if you do not properly manage the emails on a contact and their emails and associated subscription types between two systems you are going to have problems with keeping a customer happy.


Come on HubSpot, you can do it!


We have a problem where HubSpot merges incorrect contacts together because of incorrect cookie tracking. This would help spot those.


This feature would be incredibly helpful to our company as well! 


We need this functionality as well.  Seems this have been requested since back in 2017, I would think that it wouldn't be this hard to program and implement.  Please give us an update and expectation.  Thank you

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This will be really helpful, especially for users who have merged their contacts, and have different email addresses tied to the same contact! Will be great if this could be implemented soon. 🙂 


This is a major pain point for us as well


Looks like this is an ongoing problem - any updates on the timeline please HubSpot 


Is there an update on this functionality? This would be very helpful for us but until it is in place, there is little benefit to us addressing many of our duplicate contacts. 


For background, we attend many tradeshows which attendee register for using their personal email addresses (this is what address they tie to their membership with the governing body hosting the show). When we import the scanned leads, it creates a duplicate since we often already have the contact with their professional email address. We started merging the personal and professional email addresses but know we'll have the issue repeat at the next show we attend hosted by the same organization. 


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Do we have any updates on this?

I can't prevent HubSpot from merging contacts following a form submission with tracking cookies, but at least I'll be able to identify the merged contacts by comparing the primary email address to the added secondary email adderess when both contacts are merged. However, I first need to be able to report on both, in separate column. 


So far, I was only able to find a solution on a workflow set up to identify potential contacts merged and saved into a static list. Even then, I'm not sure this is 100% correct. 



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Hi all - not sure how I found this, but it looks like it can help - to export additional emails of contacts: