Merge two companies with the Salesforce Sync Active


We'd like to merge two companies within HubSpot but have been told this functionality is not available as it is disabled for users who have a Salesforce integration with Hubspot. It would be great if this feature could be made available.

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Agreed -- it would be great to have this functionality, especially for duplicates that were created by HubSpot (even though the account already existed in both HubSpot and Salesforce). 


Turning off the integration is not a viable or scalable solution. 




This is a massive, MASSIVE pain point. HubSpot please address this. If you're having this issue, please send this post to your CSM.


It's completely unacceptable that this was marked as "Delivered". It has not been delivered. The inability to merge accounts just because we're integrated with Salesforce is a massive pain point for my organization and wastes so much time. This is the poorest customer support I have ever seen from a service.


@Dylan The "help" article you referenced in your post specifically states:

What if one or both of the records are syncing to Salesforce?

You will not have the option to merge company records if your account is integrated with Salesforce 


Perhaps you did not read the text of the issue reported? Or perhaps you are unaware of this restriction? Either way, please revert this issue to its original status and please provide an update on if this functionality is planned and, if so, when your customers can expect it to be delivered.


This isnt fixed. You cannot merge companies in Hubspot if the Sync with Salesforce is turned on. Also, there is no sync between the systems with parent and child companies. If Someone in salesforce merges two companies together in does not merge in Hubspot. It just leaves two companies, one with the deals and contacts assocatied with it that stops syncing with Salesforce and one that continues the sync. This is also a big problem becasue if there are two companies with the same domain in Hubspot contacts are associated with the company that had the earliest create date. This is a real problem when merges happen in Salesforce becasue contacts can still get assocaited with the company in Hubspot that isnt syncing with Salesforce based on a sooner create date. 

Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks,


I wanted to hop in here with a quick correction. While it is possible to merge companies, it isn't possible to merge companies while the Salesforce sync is active. Currently, the HubSpot > Salesforce integration doesn't delete records in Salesforce, which is why merging isn't possible.


The best remedy is to merge the companies in Salesforce, and the actions will be carried over to HubSpot. 


Apologies for the confusion,



Thanks Joe from the product team.


The issue is NOT that we have two accounts in sales force, the issue is that we have two duplicate accounts in Hubspot. 

One of them is in sync with salesforce and the other is not. 


We want to merge those two accounts in hubspot - NOT in salesforce. We don't need to delete anything in salesforce. 


If you need further clarification, or even a joined session where I would SHOW you the issue - feel free to email me


Hey Joe, 


Are you 100% sure this is actually what happens in Hubspot when you merge two companies in Salesforce? I don't think this is what happens. From my understanding when you merge two companies in Salesforce it doesnt merge them in Hubspot, it just stops one of the accounts from syncing with Salesforce and leaves a skeleton company in Hubspot. I have seen this a lot with duplicate companies in Salesforce with the same domain that are merged. Also the same applies to parent and child changes in Salesforce. It doesnt make the parent and child assocaition in Hubspot. 


I agree with @Ofer . This is what we are struggling with right now.  We don't want to touch anything in Salesforce. We either need to merge/bulk delete HubSpot specific duplicates or merge a HubSpot duplicate to a version that IS syncing to Salesforce.


Right now I am basically manually manipulating data in an excel file for thousands of companies (we have a ton of duplicates stemming from our migration and subsequent SFDC sync back in February). And then need to do a cross-object upload to move contacts from duplicate companies to the correct one. And then some sort of delete inside of HubSpot for contact-less companies. A MAJOR time suck.


@JoeMayall Please note the previous replies -- this is not how the system functions. If you merge accounts in Salesforce, the accounts DO NOT merge in HubSpot. Both accounts continue to exist in HubSpot, with one no longer syncing to Salesforce, but remaining as a duplicate in HubSpot. This duplicate account could have contacts on it that users then need to manually de-couple from the duplicate account, associate manually with the correct account and then delete the duplicate account. ALL MANUALLY.


I'm honestly astounded at how little attention HubSpot has paid to this issue. I would consider Salesforce to be one of the most used CRMs out there. How could this many people on the HubSpot product team not know how this merge issue is functioning?

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 


To follow up on @JoeMayall response, correct we do not pass the merge from Salesforce into HubSpot, but we will continue to only update the HubSpot company that is continuing to sync with the remaining Salesforce account. What we recommend is to complete the merge in Salesforce, which will only continue to update the HubSpot company that the merged record is syncing with. Then you can grab the old account ID of the account in Salesforce, search that ID in HubSpot and delete the company record in HubSpot. 

We definitely understand that merging companies in HubSpot would be extremely useful for customers integrated with Salesforce. Right now we do not pass deletes from HubSpot into Salesforce for security reasons. If we allowed companies to merge in HubSpot this would break the sync for companies/ accounts because we do not pass that delete. For now, we are not prioritizing this but as HubSpot becomes the source of truth for more of our customers it's likely we will figure out how to pass company merges into Salesforce.  






Hi @brandy_asplundh, thanks for the further explanation. If merging is not a priority, could managing Company records be a priority? Manage Duplicate Companies could be improved to add more capability. Currently, next to a browser tab for Manage Duplicate Companies, I need to open another tab to search the company (since there may be more than two dups), then a tab for each duplicate (to remove/add Associated Contacts/Deals), then another to cross reference in Salesforce. I have two suggestions for better Company management that would even help those who don't have the Salesforce integration! (Checks are things that can already be done.)


If, on the Manage Duplicate Companies page, we could:

☑️click 'Review' 

- see a list of all duplicate Companies (not just two)

- see which is syncing to Salesforce (Sync Status property?)

- edit columns/properties shown to compare between duplicates

- multi-select associated Contacts and Deals (for any duplicate)

- click and drag or transfer Contacts and Deals to the correct Company

☑️ bulk delete empty duplicate Company records


And/or on the Companies list view:

☑️search Company name
☑️ show Salesforce Account ID column ( to see which are valid/syncing)

☑️multi-select Companies

☑️ click Edit

- option to transfer Associated Contact and/or Deals

- option to copy properties to empty properties

☑️ bulk delete empty duplicate Company records


Either or both option would go a LONG why in helping to manage duplicates more efficiently.