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Merge contacts if only one of them is in a sequence

Hi! We end up with a lot of duplicate contact records, it's just the industry we are in. Most of the time we have a new lead that drops into a sequence upon form submission and there's an old contact record that isn't in a sequence. I currently have to unenroll the new lead, merge with the old contact record. Then drop the merged lead into a workflow I build to restart the sequence. The major issue, besides all the extra clicking, is that if I don't catch it on the first day, sometimes I'm restarting the sequence after it's been sending emails and tasks to our poor reps. Is there anyway we can just merge them if only one is in a sequence? Thank you!

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@KarryCBB, one of my customers had exactly the same problem! We found out that with our plugin Koalify it is possible to merge duplicates that are enrolled in a sequence as you can see in this video:


Hope this could help you as well!