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Merge Deals

It happens frequenly enough for us where we have two different deals for a single deal. Either because we're working through a partner or a deal has gone stale enough where it makes sense to create a new deal for them (from a commission perspect for our SDRs). It would be really helpful to be able to merge deals.


Additionally, there could be a drop down form when merging deals to indicate which parts of the deals you want to keep when there is overlap.

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We often find that two different people related to the same deal may have called in and separate deals were created, but not to be realized until later in the pipeline. 


ALSO with the new Shopify integration ... when someone places an order online for a deal we've been discussing with a client for months we now have two deals and therefore show twice the revenues. This is another use case where merging deals would be valuable. 


I totally agree. This would truly benefit our business in which deals often start as individual opportunities and then grow to merge into one larger one.


I fully support this upgrade.




An option to merge existing deals is definitely needed. This should not be missing in a CRM.


This would be a very valuable feature. It could be even more valuable if it were possible to merge the deals based on a duplicate custom property. We have unique identifiers we use, and when multiple deals are created with that same unique identifier, we receive no notification or warning that a similar deal already exists. This negatively impacts customer reporting and skews the numbers. 


In a perfect world, I think we should be able to export deals, locate the duplicates, overwite the Deal IDs so that the two duplicates match and are then merged upon import. 


Hi Hubspot!  Our team could also really benefit for being able to MERGE DEALS!  Would love to hear if this is an enhancement you are considering so that we can adjust the processes on our end if necessary.  

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This would be so valuable.


Often a client will be asked to quote on a job from multiple contacts and as this becomes apparent they need to merge this into one.


Hey Hubspot,

This is an almost 2 year old request with 168 upvotes. You already have pretty good algorithms for merging contacts where the logic could be applied to deals. Any chance you can put that into a sprint?

My use case is this:

We do B2B and my reps are working on deals with customers but sometimes they direct customers to order online from our E-commerce platform. Now I have the history of a deal that someone has been working on for a couple of months with different personas and then I have the E-commerce deal from a single person but it has all the right numbers on quantities, products and revenue. Of course I need to keep the history from the first deal but now I have to manual copy paste certain values over.

The feature could be like for contacts where you have one deal that is the primary but all other properties that do not have a value in this deal get carried over from the second one. Or you make it a big table view with all properties and let people check and uncheck which property should be taken over from which deal.

I hope this helps! Happy to jump on a call and get some more questions from your PMs.


YES PLEASE... need to be able to merge deals! very important


 Yes, the way in which our trial to paid customer system works, there is often the case where the trial license key and paid license key do not marry up for a multitude of reasons. Therefore, having the ability to merge these two deals together manually is critical for us to ensure that we can link the Trial Deals with the Paid Deals. 


This would ideed be a huge help.  Sometimes two deals get created because two different email addresses trigger the workflow and then we need to merge them after correspondence and notes have been put in.


yes, would love to merge 2, 3 or even 4 deals.  also, is there a way to create a contact without the email.  like just have fname, lname, and phone number?


Yes, we had this functionality in Salesforce and it would be a real time-saver here. More time for sales people to sell, rather than running repetitive multiple deals for the same client


Once use case for this would be, as the original post stated, if two people are working to smaller deals with the same client. Then once the client places an order he includes both quotes on the same order. 


Currently, you're faced with either having to double enter the information on both deals for the information to sync up or manually associate all the communication/information do a single deal and then close/ delete the other deal.


The fucntion already exist for tickets, and contacts. So it doesn't seem like a stretch to realize that there is a use case to be able to merge deals as well.


Hopefully this can get implemented soon.


This would be great as you can do this contacts, companies and tickets. We have a growing team and trying to trim the fat. This would streamline the process. 


Yes, please add Deal merge functionality on both the front-end and the back-end via API.


Any update on this? We've found that the Deals board is basically unusable for the ecommerce side of our business. At the moment, over half of our revenue is generated through Draft Orders (quotes) on Shopify when interested customers call in. As it stands now, Draft Orders are not any part of the Shopify/Hubspot integration. In order for us to use the Deals board, our sales agents would have to do the following:


1) Receive customer call, take notes in Hubspot, build the quote in Shopify.

2) Send Shopify Draft Order via Shopify.

3) Create the Deal in Hubspot.

4) Customer completes order via Draft Order.

5) Now there are two Deal records (the one the sales agent originally created, and the new deal record created by Shopify).

6) Manually merge the two deals. 


If there were a way to merge deals, we could possibly use the Deals board, even though we would really like Draft Orders to be a part of the Hubspot/Shopify integration.


Any update on this feature?  We have a lot of dup deals that need to be merged.


We REALLY need this!!


We CAN merge CONTACTS & COMPANIES, why can't we merge DEALS? It's just a database.

This had been a feature request since 01-18-2017 11:06. I guess that since there are so many supporting this request that it must be very hard or impossible to pull this off? Maybe limitations to the system? 




Any update? Seems to have been in planning since Sept 2018. This would be very useful, it is not uncommon for several staff members of one company to sign up to a trial of our product via our website and our automations will create deals for such an event. Merging deals would be the natural and intuitive workflow for us.


Hi kristuev! Until HubSpot allows for merging deals, you might find Insycle useful. You can merge duplicate deals through there, and match duplicate deals using any data field. Additionally, you can find similar deals using both "exact match" and "similar match."