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Merge Contacts During Import

I'd like to be able to merge contacts during an import.

For example, I have an import file that includes Contact IDs and emails of duplicate contact records (e.g. I have the Contact ID of 2 contact records that i wish to merge, in a csv file, in two columns of the file, and the file contains a number of rows, each indicating a different contact), and i'd like the option during import to choose the master record, and the record to merge to the master record.

The only other options to this at present are (1) via an integration or (2) a custom coded workflow, and even in a custom coded workflow I'm not sure how to specify the contacts to merge, or (3) look up the contacts one by one to merge, which is time consuming.

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The more complex imports become, the more important this kind of functionality becomes. Good idea! 


+1!  It would be great to have a native "bulk merge" feature such as this. That said, the Merge Contacts webhook in the Contacts API is handy if you can spin up a custom app.