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Merge Campaigns

Beyond editing campaign titles which is not understanble why it isn't available, it would be really useful for us to be able to merge campaigns in order to group all the metrics.

For example, we have campaigns on ebooks and case studies from 2015, 2016 and 2017 which were created independently for each material, but now it doesn't make sense to keep the metrics dispersed so we'd like to just group all campaigns by topic to have a clearer view on history of that type of campaign.


If merging is already available for contacts where the merge looks even more complex, I think it should be simpler to implement a merge of campaigns. It would also be easier to manage with the new beta feature of campaign analytics.

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May 25, 2020 07:32 AM

Hi everyone! Appreciate your feedback here and your upvotes. I wanted to get a quick temperature check from you all to make sure I was understanding the product gap here 100%. Based on your comments, and in particular @AlfredoVoodoo's recent comment, it seems that a feature like a parent/child relationship for campaigns would get you the functionality you have in mind here. I.e. the ability to have individual campaigns for each effort but also see a rolled up view of everything related by "theme". Would that be fair to say?


I recently posted an update on the idea post related to that feature here: if I'm right in understanding the need here I can actually merge this post into the one linked and add all the upvotes together to give it more weight and combine the feedback.


Let me know what you think 🙂 

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This would be really useful, we have campaigns going back to 2015. I'd also like to be able to bulk delete campaigns as we have a lot of old campaigns in a system I've inhertied but mismanaged.


Hi @Shay 

any idea or timeplan when this feature might get launched?

Thanks, Christian


This is so necessary, especially for our organization -- would be a huge time saver for sure. Otherwise we are just using excel to analyze everything.


@Shay  Any updates as to when this could possibly be implemented? 






Hopefully the campaign  merging idea is progressing - so useful for us. One use case is that we run multiple different webinars, but we might want to bucket the stats together as "product-focused" and "thought leadership". A parent or tagging structure I think would work for us, so long as we can see combined data.


This really is a must-have functionality, given how rapidly the field of digital marketing evolves. Over time, our campaigns have evolved but the tool is essentially useless now because there is no way to clean them up and declog the data. We have several hundred campaigns. Sure, better advance planning could have prevented this. But, the world is imperfect and sometimes we need to be able to clean things up after the fact.


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I am so excited we can rename campaigns but merging campaigns would be great! We have some clients where the social team and the content team may create two different campaigns which need to be measured and should actually strategically be one. Being able to merge this would be fantastic.


Merging campaigns vs only adding parent/child relationships would be helpful. We have a few campaigns that have internally merged into a single campaign and makes it difficult to remember which HubSpot campaign it was labled under. 

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Merging campaigns to combine their metrics and influenced contacts and revenue would be really useful. I can see this idea has been suggested a few years ago now, so would be great to know if it will get implemented anytime in the near future? Thank you.


I agree, that merging and creating parent/child relationships would be a great addition.


Yes! I accidentally created and attributed emails to multiple campaigns which I now realize would be better as one campaign. Would be great to be able to combine!

  • Hi everyone, I have recently started using HS Marketing Hub (worked on Salesforce earlier).
  • Merging campaigns is the most basic feature that is required for Campaigns. This is a requirement for my Digital Audit phase with my new employer. I can see this thread is going on since 2018, I would hope to see some progress this year. To answer @Shay's question - parent-child hierarchy is not a requirement really, its more about merging it for attributing revenue (historically).  Yes, parent-child hierarchy could be one possibility but its a simple merge to establish continuity. This will enable annual or longer term revenues or even act as baseline reports when teams change. Just my two cents!!

@Shay We would love both the option to merge two independent campaigns (or have that done in the back end upon request if something wasn't originally set up correctly) so that we don't lose data, AND have the parent-child relationship for theme and campaign as discussed. Both of these elements would solve so many things in HubSpot for how we are using it now vs how we were using it before.


Parent-child relationship would be amazing. But, I would also want a feature that allows me to just go in and merge two campaigns into one without losing metrics.