Merge Campaigns

Beyond editing campaign titles which is not understanble why it isn't available, it would be really useful for us to be able to merge campaigns in order to group all the metrics.

For example, we have campaigns on ebooks and case studies from 2015, 2016 and 2017 which were created independently for each material, but now it doesn't make sense to keep the metrics dispersed so we'd like to just group all campaigns by topic to have a clearer view on history of that type of campaign.


If merging is already available for contacts where the merge looks even more complex, I think it should be simpler to implement a merge of campaigns. It would also be easier to manage with the new beta feature of campaign analytics.

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It would be relevant for our company as well

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yes please - we need this too!

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Yes please! I have clients who go in and create their own campaigns and reorganizing is a huge time suck.

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Agreed. This would be helpful for managing campaigns that, at the time, made sense to create independently, but then became part of a bigger campaign.

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I agree with the comments before, merging campaigns would be a huge help.


Looking forward to such a feature in the future.

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We have same type of issue, this fonctionnality would also be helpful for our company!

Thank you