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Mentions a Group of Hubspot Users mentioning - Make Mentions a Snippet Function

So if you @mention a Hubspot user you have to do this for each individual user- no way to mention a group of users if you find yourself typing multiple names over again.


I thought I could create this witin a snippet so I could #Group and then all the names within the snippet would populate as a mention - problem being the snippets don't utilise the mention capability.


Could this be done? Would be useful!

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Lu2Swag, did you try this?  Sounds like it ought to work...


And yet, it doesn't work...


Our workaround is to create a new email address (or google group, depending on your setup) and set it to forward to everyone on the team that needs to be notified. Then add that email to to HubSpot under the team name as a new contact


For example, create the email

In HubSpot create a new contact BizDev using the new email address

Mention @BizDev in the note, meetting, etc. and the group will get the email notification.