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It would be great if there is a way to filter any @ (mentions) that you get the way you can see tasks that are in your name. Currently anything that I get mentioned in, I just have to save the email notification it sends me so I don't forget about it since the actual task is not in my name. 




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I agree! I was hoping to filter out all the @mentions that I recieved in the last 3-4 weeks so I didn't miss anything. The Email Notification is nice but it would save time if I could filter the @mentions toward me and see them in an activity feed of sorts.




Yes, so many times is dificult to remember in wich contact, lead, business or other part of Hubspot you mentinoned some of your workmates. It will be helpfull to check all your mentions


While far from ideal, a workaround I used to identify all of my mentions was to search the following within my email application's search bar (Outlook): "mentioned you"


The keyword = to find instances of emails sent to me from "" and the keyword = "mentioned you" in quotes to search specifically for that text within those emails.

This would identify all applicable email notifications sent to your inbox:


Sender =

Subject line: Andrés Solano (user who mentioned you) mentioned you on the company "Sample Company"



We use the Slack integration and I can filter it there. It's not ideal and doing it in the app would be way better. I would also like to see all the @mentions I made to my sales team so I can see who has/has not replied to me.