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Meetings - additional guests

In Calendly there is a featured within the meeting set-up that allows the person scheduling the meeting to add "additional guests" and they are automatically invited to the meeting. 


We have BDRs who like to be invited to the meeting and partnership reps who like to be invited to the meeting as well. 

Not having this is a bottleneck for our workflow right now.

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We would love to see the a function within your meeting scheduler which allows our customers to add guests to a meeting they are booking with us.

Calendly for example has a button "add guests" which opens a text box once clicked on where people can add email addresses which should be included in the meeting.


A feature like that would be much appreciated.






The new feature that allows users to insert proposed times doesn't let them add more guests. Typically, we get more booked meetings when we invite multiple people within the organization. They can add more people to the email, but the proposed time feature only lets you add one guest.  In addition, if other people confirm a time, only "the guest" has that meeting on their calendar and the booked meeting activity on their HubSpot record. 



It would be nice to add user property fields in the meeting link configuration to place invitees inside Round Robin or Group meetings.



Team members

  • Account executive A
  • Account executive B
  • Account executive C



  • Owner of the contact
  • Custom property (user)