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Meetings - Adjust Notice Time For Weekends Only

I have several clients with this same issue and I get calls about it all the time.


See below.


Use Case:

I don't want clients to be able to book me in for a Monday meeting over the weekend.



At present I have it set to 1 day notice period but clients can schedule in a Monday morning meeting on Saturday afternoon. I try to not check work emails over the weekend and so (if i'm successful in taking a break over the weekend) I will not see this until I arrive at work on Monday morning.



This would be solved if the minimum notice had the option for business days.


It would be great for this to be implemented soon.

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I agree, this feature is absolutely necessary - we have meetings that require preparation each time, so we would really need this.

Thank you!


This would be so helpful for our team to be able to prepare their week and recordings properly. 


This feature would be very helpful. I have my calendar set to three days of notice. Customers often book me for onboarding sessions and I worry a meeting will be booked on Friday for a Monday, leaving me limited preparation time. 

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