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Meeting time in both the contact's timezone and their local time.

The ability to swiftly identify the local meeting times of my contacts directly from my dashboard would be immensely beneficial. 

Currently, I can only know the meeting time which shows my timezone, not contact's timezone. I'm limited to performing conversions manually, outside of HubSpot.


While I'm aware that HubSpot sends meeting confirmations to my contacts, there's no way for me to verify the exact content received by them. Consequently, I'm unable to confirm the local time my contacts have actually scheduled. This lack of transparency is frustrating.

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I have created custom feature "Local Time Display" to help you connect more thoughtfully. Try it out and let us know how it's improved your workflow!  Our new HubSpot feature displays the local time for your contacts directly in their profile, ensuring you always reach out at the perfect time.
Please see this video to see how it works -