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Meeting reminder emails for meetings booked through the CRM

While the Meetings tool offers the ability to send contacts reminder emails for meetings they book with the user, there is currently nowhere to configure reminder emails for meetings that are booked directly through the CRM by the user.

From @SamanthaH :
"We really need meeting reminders to be able to be configured for meetings booked within the HS sales platform itself (e.g. on a contact record). This is used more commonly by our sales team as we also need to record the meeting "type" at the time of booking, and currently the meetings "link" doesn't seem to offer that configuration. I don't see an option for reminders on meetings booked this way - please advise. "

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I just asked for these feature at the support.

i´m wondering that is not possible to change the mail.

Absolutely necessary!


Looking foward to this function 🙂



Is the date of the idea submission really 2019?! Come on, Hubspot!