Meeting reminder emails for meetings booked through the CRM

While the Meetings tool offers the ability to send contacts reminder emails for meetings they book with the user, there is currently nowhere to configure reminder emails for meetings that are booked directly through the CRM by the user.

From @SamanthaH :
"We really need meeting reminders to be able to be configured for meetings booked within the HS sales platform itself (e.g. on a contact record). This is used more commonly by our sales team as we also need to record the meeting "type" at the time of booking, and currently the meetings "link" doesn't seem to offer that configuration. I don't see an option for reminders on meetings booked this way - please advise. "

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Hello Hubspot?

This must be available ... automatic meeting reminders are such a basic and obvious need. How do we do this?

I've been going into outlook after the appt is set up to create a reminder. 

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Yes, this is a feature we definitely need. Please create this feature 🙂

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This feature is much needed!
Contact Action: When a contact books a meeting link, they will get email meeting reminder
User Action: When a user schedule a meeting to a contact, there isn't an setting for email meeting reminder.


It would be great if we can create the same behaviour for both ~ commenting on behalf customer

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Another instance where relative date filters not being consistently applied to different fields causes issues. Need to be able to create workflows based on meeting start date = 1 day from now or 'tomorrow'.

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This is a major need! Please add the ability to have reminders generated for meetings scheduled by the sales person from the meetings tab within the contact record. 

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Major Need! 

It appears very often that the sales members set up the meeting theirselves!

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it looks like this has been a suggestion for over a year--is this coming any time soon?  If not, how do you recommend accomplishing this with the current features Hubspot offers? 

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The meeting tool seems to assume that all meetings are a sales type of meeting.  In some case we like to call our meetings interview, consultation calls or care manager assessments.  It would be great to have some flexiblity in how a contact is reminded.  Additionally, we like to send text reminders which requires an app but we can not include all of the information in the reminder in either a hubspot snippet, marketing email or a text through an app.

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Definitely need this! I've been wanting to set triggers based on a meeting scheduled (5 minutes before a meeting) to be able to send text messages through an integration. Same with email reminders. Hopefully you can get this implemented soon.

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Adding to this, I would also appreciate the functionality to add email reminders 1 day before for meetings booked through my Outlook Inbox. Thank you.