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Meeting Reminder Emails

I suggest that hubspot should send direct emails to remind both parties that they have a meeting scheduled - should users not have their personal/work emails linked to their calendars.

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Chiming in here since it's "in planning". I too was looking for this feature.

It would be GREAT if it could also send a text reminder.

Of course, this would have to be based on if the contact has a property for "mobile" filled out.

Problem with some is that they just don't check their email, hence they don't have the calendar invite in the first place.

Everyone checks their text messages though.


Thank you.

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Hi HubSpot Community, 


Prior to Hubspot I've been using a service called Calendily and if Hubspot wants to look how they do calendar reminders and notifications I would start there. I'm trying to replace my calendily service with the hubspot meetings but there are two features that save time with calendily that I can't let go of. 


1) Email reminder sent out 24 hours before the meeting

2) When the email meeting request goes out an option/ link to reschedule the meeting appears on the message. This reschedule option also appears on the email reminder 24 hours before the meeting. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.38.22 AM.pngREMINDER EMAILScreen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.37.11 AM.pngNOTE THE OPTION TO RESCHEDULE



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I concur @jesse_AMPTAB.


Reminders and rescheduling options should be available, given all the other automated functionalities.

Any word from Hubspot as to when we can expect to see this simple, yet crucial feature?



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@curious I haven't heard back from anyone yet. 


@roisinkirby - Do you work with the Hubspot engineering team? could you look into my response suggestion last week? 

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Same question here - any update on timeline?


As with everyone else who has commented on here, this is pretty crucial 😄


Having this as a feature would elimintate so much manual work having to create a task as a reminder and then go into hubspot and manually send the email to the customer asking them to confirm they are okay for the meeting at the scheduled day and time

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 Amen! Every other scheduling platform lets you automate meeting reminders a day ahead of time, reconfirming the meeting, dial in and offering up a reschedule link if their plans have changed and they can no longer attend.

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Totally agree. This will help to keep the appointments being made

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I don't particularly want the email reminder sent to me, but it would be nice to send it to the prospect.

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Is there any update on this?