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I suggest that hubspot should send direct emails to remind both parties that they have a meeting scheduled - should users not have their personal/work emails linked to their calendars.

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I agree. Calendly does a nice job with this and a similar feature would be great for the tool.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Hi all! I'm very pleased to announce that Meeting reminders have gone live! See this blog post for more details: For any additional related ideas (I've seen some comments here about a "reschedule" option) please upvote and file new separate ideas with details on what you'd like to see so we can guage community interest.

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@hroberts I don't think this idea/request can actually be marked as delivered.

The request, which was subsequently requested by others in the comments, was for BOTH parties to receive a reminder.


I have confirmed with two HubSpot reps that there is still no automatic email sent from HubSpot meetings to the person hosting the meeting to remind them that they have a meeting. I have had to update our sales team's calendar to receive Google notifications, since there is not currently even a workflow workaround to make sure they receive an email reminder.

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Hi @hroberts - this is great for meetings booked through the meeting link, however, we really need meeting reminders to be able to be configured for meetings booked within the HS sales platform itself (e.g. on a contact record). This is used more commonly by our sales team as we also need to record the meeting "type" at the time of booking, and currently the meetings "link" doesn't seem to offer that configuration.  

I don't see an option for reminders on meetings booked this way - please advise. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @SamanthaH and @shannonhoward! I'd recommend filing separate ideas for those. We try to keep each post on the community pretty closely tied to one feature request, that way it's clear for people what's actually delivered, and for our product team what ideas have the most traction. I've taken the liberty of filing ideas for a few of these on your behalf. If you upvote them, you will be notified of future updates Smiley Happy Feel free to add comments with more details about your use cases!

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Hi @hroberts what I'm suggesting is this idea wasn't actually delivered, and should not be marked as such - the original post didn't specify that they wanted the ability to send reminders for meetings booked using a "meetings" link, and a number of other comments in this thread relate to the lack of ability to send reminders for meetings booked within the platform, more generally. 


It's hard to fathom why you would build the ability to set reminders as a default setting in a meetings link, but incorporate this for meetings booked on a contact, company, or deal record!


I don't think it needs a new idea, I think the original idea needs to be done. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @SamanthaH,


Thanks you for your input and continued feedback on this thread. Having discussions with our Product team through the ideas forum is one of the most valuable elements of the ideas forum. I do want to ensure that your feedback and feature requests are heard going forward, and I would recommend that any further feedback is moved to the new ideas @hroberts referenced.


While different suggestions came about in the comments of this thread, as @hroberts mentioned, the scope of the idea needs to be as focused as possible to ensure that the discussion is around one feature request. Broad or vague requests can be difficult for the Product team to interpret. The more specific and focused the idea thread is, the better. To ensure your idea and comments are focused, there is a side bar with suggestions when creating an idea. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 11.50.42 AM.png


Leaving this idea in a non "delivered" state would continue discussions without giving the Product team the clarity and direction that helps them understand your concerns and requests, and ultimately prevents them from creating what you need. The best place to continue this conversation will be through new ideas. I can assure you they are already on Product's radar, as they were created by a member of the Product team Smiley Happy


If you have any questions about the ideas forum, or would like to discuss this further, please feel free to direct message me and I am happy to chat.