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Meeting Outcome

In HubSpot CRM you have the ability to log a call outcome, however, you don't have the ability to log a meeting outcome.  This information would be extremely helpful to the Sales Team and management.  A standard report to complie this information per HubSpot owner would also be very useful.  Because this information is not available in HubSpot we are forced to utilize another system to track this information.  

HubSpot Updates
May 28, 2020 08:17 AM

Hi Community! 

Thank you all for your feedback and help while working on this feature, this is now live to all users in all accounts!


Meeting outcomes can be added to any meeting logged manually and is automatically set to 'Scheduled' for meetings synced with your calendar. Meeting outcome is also accessible in the report builder and workflow automation.

See how this looks.


We've also made a tweak when editing a meeting to make it more clear when updating the meeting outcome or meeting type, that an email update will not be sent to the attendees of the meeting. We will no longer show "save and send update" unless a change has been made that impacts the content or logistics of the meeting.

See how this looks.


May 14, 2020 12:33 PM

@RafalKochanski  - 

You will now be able to access Meeting outcome results in reporting and workflows!

April 15, 2020 08:07 AM

@Hannah-par8o , @PaulAlmond91 

Thank you for bringing this up.


We will not send an update to meeting participants when the meeting outcome is updated. This is also true for Meeting Type.


I absolutely see why it appears that we do send a notification to attendees, as there is only one confirmation when making an update to the event in the HubSpot CRM. Here's an image to clarify for the rest of the thead:




We need to update the logic here so that it just says something like `Save` instead of `Save and send update` when you are updating the Meeting Type or Outcome.

In Beta
April 07, 2020 12:49 PM

We now have a beta ready for meeting outcomes on the meeting engagement. If you would like access, you can reach out to your CSM or support, and they will be able to sign you up for this beta.


Short gif of how this looks:


A few things to know:
  • This works the same way as call outcomes has worked, although we do not yet have custom meeting outcomes
  • The current default fields are:
    • Scheduled
    • Completed
    • Rescheduled
    • No Show
    • Cancelled
  • We are still working on the reporting endpoint, so you wont be able to build a report with this yet. We plan to finish that during the beta period
  • We are still in the process of adding this funtionality to the mobile app
  • All past meeting can be updated
  • We plan to include meeting outcomes later this year, which will function similar to custom call outcomes does today

In Planning
February 15, 2020 01:36 PM

Hi Community! 


This is now in development. We are planning to add an `outcome` field much like is currently being used for calls. Users will be able to update meetings from the contact timeline, and soon from a scheduled view within Tasks. We plan for this to be accessible in reports, lists, and workflows as well. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions for how and why this should be done.


I will comment here when we have progress/updates!




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June 04, 2018 01:31 PM

Not Currently Planned
May 04, 2017 09:51 AM

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HubSpot Product Team

Hello Hubspotters,

I know you changed the status to "not currently planned", but in my mind this is really a "must have" in a CRM. How much important data is lost on a Deal if customer meetings don't get logged???

Here's my suggestion as I know you are working on better Notifications. Once you have scheduled a meeting (by the way, this sould be internal to Hubspot, not Google Calendar) and that meeting time has passed a Note is automatically created that says "You had a meeting". Why not use that as a Notifications asking users if they want to Add a Note, Add a Task or Meeting and this needs to be integral functionality of the mobile apps because let's face it sales is an on the road game...


Thank you for re-considering this!


I am trying to figure out how to replicate's concept of Events in Hubspot and report on them.  Each day/week I want to hold my sales reps accountable to making "X" number of calls, scheduling "Y" number of meetings, and completing "Z" number of these meetings.  Hubspot can kinda/sorta report on number of calls and their dispositions (e.g. No Answer, Completed, etc).  However, this doesn't exist for Meetings.  Meetings Scheduled and Completed is a leading indicator of whether the sales reps are speaking to enough contacts to get to goal, and the conversion metrics are important.  Please invest here.


It would be great if you could add a "Meeting Status" property (ie:cancelled/rescheduled/happened) so you can understand/report on whether meetings that have been scheduled actually went ahead, or if they were just booked but ended up being cancelled or needing to be rescheduled.


Currently there is no way to differentiate between meetings booked vs meetings happened, which is a must for any manager of a sales development team.


cclancy .... amust need in meeting outcomes.


We'd like to track meeting attendance for our clients:

  • # of no-shows vs scheduled meetings
  • # of late-shows vs scheduled meetings
  • # of clients who performed the assigned tasks to prepare for meeting vs scheduled meetings
  • etc

This is a big pain point for me as well as a sales manager for a business development team.  Need the ability to track Meetings attended vs. meetings scheduled per rep.


My workaround is creating new "call and meeting types" to include "meeting attended" and " meeting no show" etc... This allows me to at least change the meeting type once it is completed.  

It's a wonky workaround and I have to do the reporting with a calculator but it's the only way ive found besides using an excel spreadsheet.  




Where do you see the "call and meeting types" results in HubSpot to report on it Monthly?


This is a big issue for us as well. Meetings scheduled versus meetings completed is an important metrics for our sales team, and we're currently having to go in and count by hand to get the proportion. There should be an easy way to denote whether a meeting was completed and see this metric in the Dashboard. 


@cclancy we use the Sales Dashboard and customize an "engagement" report to include the meeting types.  



@SimCard - Thank you very much!



@rlawless any explanation of why this shouldn't be a feature?  What is the recommended work around?  The team here needs to be able to track if the prospect attended, cancelled or rescheduled the meeting.  Seems like pretty importnat information to track in a CRM.  What is the 'Hubspot Way' to track this?

HubSpot Product Team

Please add outcomes to the scheduled meeting. We are a college and we run reports on Meetings, no shows, rescheduled, cancels, etc. an out come and the ability to add a note directly to the meeting box would be helpful.


We really need this too. Booking a meeting is one thing but having the person show up is another thing entirely. Looking now at meetings per rep, maybe it says 100, but not all of the 100 showed up, some were cancelled, some no-shows. Right now we have no idea what that number really is. Giving a rep credit for 100 meetings when only 50 really went ahead makes no sense. An outcome selection is a necessity. It will also help us look at days of the week/time of the day where more meetings happen vs when more cancel. We can use that data to adjust staffing levels, etc. Please add this feature Hubspot!


Another advantage I see to having this function would be the ability to trigger workflows based on the status of the meeting. For example:


Status: Scheduled + Date: Tomorrow —> Send Reminder Email

Status: Completed —> Task:  Mail Thank You card

Status: Completed + Meeting Start Time: Relative date (ex, Last Quarter) —> Add to List for Sales Team Meeting Review Discussion


Makes perfect sense. I would have thought this would have been a no brainer. 


Being able to track no-show rates critical for me too. Really need to understand the quality of the meeting bookings - if a rep has massive volume, but none of them ever show up, that's an issue. Also useful to see if there is any correlation between no-show and day/time.


Yep and its a pretty basic concept so we should be able to track it


My Sales team needs to be able to Write notes and or select an outcome for a meeting once it has happened. I know that Making Call outcomes Customizable is in Planning. Why can't Hubspot also add the Meeting Outcomes a feature while they're at it?