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In HubSpot CRM you have the ability to log a call outcome, however, you don't have the ability to log a meeting outcome.  This information would be extremely helpful to the Sales Team and management.  A standard report to complie this information per HubSpot owner would also be very useful.  Because this information is not available in HubSpot we are forced to utilize another system to track this information.  

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Yes!  Please add this.  I am surprised this thread is 3 years old.  A meeting outcome seems like a pretty standard function.  


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Hi, I'm in the beta - One thing I'm wondering/we are wondering is if you edit the meeting outcome, it then says it will send updates to people on the meeting. Is that true? E.g. we don't want to send an update with the meeting outcome. Also, should "comment" on the meeting be used to record meeting notes?

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I agree with @Hannah-par8o here - we cant set the outcome because it will send office 365 updates to the client.

We need an option to save the meeting but not send updates to clients.

Other than that - its helpful but the real value is being able to take notes from the meeting rather than just an outcome. 

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@Hannah-par8o , @PaulAlmond91 

Thank you for bringing this up.


We will not send an update to meeting participants when the meeting outcome is updated. This is also true for Meeting Type.


I absolutely see why it appears that we do send a notification to attendees, as there is only one confirmation when making an update to the event in the HubSpot CRM. Here's an image to clarify for the rest of the thead:




We need to update the logic here so that it just says something like `Save` instead of `Save and send update` when you are updating the Meeting Type or Outcome.

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That's perfect! One thing my sales person and I are trying to work out - she is trying to figure out where to put meeting notes. There is the "comment" field but it would be great, if, when logging outcome of occured - there was a dedicated area for meeting notes as well. Previously she was entering the meeting manually , but this messes up meeting reporting. the issue with the commenet is it disappears. And if we update the body text, it DOES update the attendee! Is there a better solution/could you add something to this as part of the meeting occured beta?

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@glencornell Thanks for this, this was so much needed! Can you please let us know what is the estimated date of delivering the reporting feature, in line with the bullet point from your message (below)?


  • We are still working on the reporting endpoint, so you wont be able to build a report with this yet. We plan to finish that during the beta period
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@RafalKochanski  - 

You will now be able to access Meeting outcome results in reporting and workflows!

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Thanks @glencornell , I absolutely love it, now it's fully functional!

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi Community! 

Thank you all for your feedback and help while working on this feature, this is now live to all users in all accounts!


Meeting outcomes can be added to any meeting logged manually and is automatically set to 'Scheduled' for meetings synced with your calendar. Meeting outcome is also accessible in the report builder and workflow automation.

See how this looks.


We've also made a tweak when editing a meeting to make it more clear when updating the meeting outcome or meeting type, that an email update will not be sent to the attendees of the meeting. We will no longer show "save and send update" unless a change has been made that impacts the content or logistics of the meeting.

See how this looks.


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Is there a way to customize the meeting outcomes? If not, is that something on the roadmap? 

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Meeting management in Hubspot is a big problem for me as well;

For instance I want to exclude from certain automation contacts with a future meeting (and not have to change the list criteria every day);
one very easy, first, fix would be to allow  dynamic list to look into meeting with a sort of "start time after : today" condition;

this would allow some automation and double check based, precisely, only on "future" planned meetings;

another part would be to allow workflow to directly modify something in meetings (why not in tasks as well?) so that certain conditions can move the meeting status / create revision tasks automatically;

and another part of the solution would be to make much more intuituitive the meeting status management: now I have to EDIT a meeting, then I can see that his status can be changed, for instance to "finalizes"; very bad unpractical decision, imho;