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In HubSpot CRM you have the ability to log a call outcome, however, you don't have the ability to log a meeting outcome.  This information would be extremely helpful to the Sales Team and management.  A standard report to complie this information per HubSpot owner would also be very useful.  Because this information is not available in HubSpot we are forced to utilize another system to track this information.  

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I agree and concur with the other replies that this is a must have within a CRM for a sales team who plan meetings but it is known that not all go ahead due to cancellations etc however this data is lost and are then relying on the sales team to manually log this separately. Having an outcome option available in meetings similar to when a call is logged would be extremely useful to the sales team and as a management view on a dashboard report.


Really need a way to track conversion rates through from meetings. Simplest way I can think of is "meeting outcomes", but not able to do at the moment. Would also be interested in getting conversion rates from connected calls to meetings booked if possible...


It would be a great addition to the reporting dashboard if we had the ability to track completed/re-scheduled/cancelled meetings. Currently no work around or variable to allow for this within Hubspot.


It would be a great addition to the reporting dashboard if we had the ability to track completed/re-scheduled/cancelled meetings. Currently no work around or variable to allow for this within Hubspot.


This would be highly useful to a sales team and something we are struggling with at the moment and this is really something that should be part of the system anyway.

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Posting on behalf of a customer - They are looking for a similar feature. 

The use case to help them with reporting, KPI's they would like to measure things like meeting attended or not attended. 


Hi we have an inside sales team and I would like to track both the number of sales meetings they book (which can be done by using the Meetings Type functionality) but then also if these meetings happen.


In Salesforce there is a field within the meetings object that has a dropdown menu like:




Didn't Happen


This idea would be extremely helpful. For anyone who has an outside sales team, this function is a basic need and the workarounds in Hubspot are painful. 


I agree with all of you.


At the moment HS only really natively reports on meeting scheduled. 


There is no way to report on meeting attended. 


For instance I would love to be able to report how many meetings get attended vs scheduled. 


Hopefully this will get planned and added soon! Custom property hacks are simply not good enough. 


Reporting on the quality of the meetings books is a key indicator of SDR performance and can also be leveraged to make better segment decisions. Is an option to customize either a Meeting Quality Score/Rating or the option to indicate if the meeting actually occurred on the roadmap? 


Having the same issue here.

Logging meetings without logging a quantifiable outcome is only showing half the picture.


The number of meeting alone does not mean anything if it is not clear from the data if the meeting took place and if it added value.


We are having a VERY tough time relying on the meetings app/CRM log because we aren't able to indicate a meeting outcome (lead cancelled, sales person cancelled, lead ended up unqualified, progressed to deal stage, etc.)


Having meeting outcomes (and the ability to put reports on them) would be a MONUMENTAL help in our monthly reporting


This is a big miss Hubspot. Please add the ability to have a meeting outcome. Simple 'Show' or 'No Show' would be better than the current situation of not having anything. Just like the call outcome and the ability to use that data in Dashboard reports, meetings should also be able to have similar details in simple reporting. We have duplicated meeting type names and to have a NoShow option for each type. This is a clunky workaround for a feature that should be standard in any CRM/sales reporting.


This may be a convoluted response but I believe we have solved the meeting outcome issue.  A few things to note ahead of time:


1) Our company interacts with people contacts.  Once the initial demo has been set, the deal is created off of the associated company.  We've created a two workflows to ensure this process works properly:

   a) Once there is an associated company, the company name is copied to the contact.

   b) If a contact has a demo set date but no company name; an email is sent to the contact owner to fix.

   b) The associated (company) deal can only be created when BOTH a demo set date and company name exist. 


2) Our reps enter the initial demo date onto the contact...this information is then copied to the company...which is then copied to the associated deal through the creation/conversion process.  The initial stage for the deal is "SET"


3) The challenge with the initial demo set date is how to account for no shows and/or reschedules.  So we created another field called 'Unified Demo Date'.  this is the field that we will use for reporting purposes to see both past no shows and future demo's.  To start, we copy the initial demo set date into this field.


4) RESCHEDULES:  We have another field for reschedules.  When this field is not blank, there are two triggers that occur:

   a) Update the deal stage to "RESCHEDULED" 

   b) And overwite the 'Unified Demo Set" field with the rescheule date.  When combining these two triggers into a report you can now see which SET/RESCHEDULED demo's were either no-shows or are upcoming...and, if need be, by rep too.


5) MULTI-RESCHEDULES.  We handle rescheduled demo's that were once again rescheduled by creating one more trigger.  If the Unified Demo Date is BEFORE the rescheduled date...that means something has been rescheduled more than once.  The trigger will continue to over-write the Unified Date on that deal so the newly rescheduled date is always reported on.


6) "HELD" demo's.  Once a demo is held, there are 3 main outcomes: Closed Lost, Follow-Up or, in our situation, Paperwork sent to Merchant.  We created a HELD field and a workflow trigger that marks the date of occurrence for any three of the noted options.


7) No some point, the deal owner needs to be realistic and stop trying to contact a lead to reschedule their demo.  They are clearly not interested.  We created a few different Closed Lost stages to ensure valid metrics:

     a) Closed Lost: NO SHOW

     b) Closed Lost: DUPLICATE (this keeps cleaner metrics to ensure things are not double counted)

     c) Closed Lost: PICKLIST.   

     d) Closed Lost: OTHER...this sends an email to Operations to validate the 'other' and either update to a picklist option, or add a new picklist option.


😎 With all of the above we are able to do the following:

     a) See our oustanding demo schedule in one report

     b) See the status of held demo's by their held date (which reps can be held accountable to)

     c) Clarifies our Closed Lost metrics (seperating no shows to allow a clean Held:Closed Lost ratio)

     d) Understand deal lag metrics (using an export to calculate Held Date - Initial Set Date)

     e) Understand rescheduling on Closed won metrics (how % of C/W deals have or do not have reschedules)

     f) and I'm sure many more items once our reps start using the system more.


100% agree with this and just ran into this same issue, makes data tracking inaccurate without a separate system.  You run reports where the call and meeting type is a certain type, and then select ANY outcome and it automatically excludes all meetings.  The two sets of data should act like one set of data, just like the report shows.  Meetings should be tracked like calls.

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! 


This is now in development. We are planning to add an `outcome` field much like is currently being used for calls. Users will be able to update meetings from the contact timeline, and soon from a scheduled view within Tasks. We plan for this to be accessible in reports, lists, and workflows as well. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions for how and why this should be done.


I will comment here when we have progress/updates!





Yes, we need this too! Would love to be part of the beta if you need testers.



Great to hear you are starting work on this as I believe it probably represents the largest gap in usability for activities.

Just in addition to keep in mind when developing this, we need to be able to provide qualitative notes to the meeting outcome in addition to a categorical outcome. I think a dropdown works for "Attended", "Cancelled" but it doesn't have the depth required for things such as what was discussed, any product offerings to consider, any complaints concerns etc.


This really needs to not be in the description of the meeting (for reasons below) nor as comments (unless these comments are made available to reports/api). Ideally this would a text box that you could enter this into that its paired directly with the meeting and is logical for the user (i.e click on `Post Meeting Outcomes` which expands the text box to enter it in).

Further to this, please consider the impacts on the Office 365 calendar integration. Currently, we are able to create and re-arrange meetings in HubSpot to outlook calendars and send invitations to clients but cancellations from outlook are not brought back into HubSpot. It would be really helpful if the outcome field can be updated automatically if the meeting is cancelled via this integration. This is also the reason why the meeting description is not suitable because it will send the client a revised meeting invitation each time you update the meeting currently.


Agree with PaulAlmond91. We need to be able to write notes on scheduled meeting outcomes without sending them to the attendees. And the notes need to be reportable, so comments don't work. Would also be nice to be able to schedule a meeting with a contact without sending them an invite - for something like a planned drop-in. I realize you can log, but this doesn't sync with your calendar.

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

We now have a beta ready for meeting outcomes on the meeting engagement. If you would like access, you can reach out to your CSM or support, and they will be able to sign you up for this beta.


Short gif of how this looks:


A few things to know:
  • This works the same way as call outcomes has worked, although we do not yet have custom meeting outcomes
  • The current default fields are:
    • Scheduled
    • Completed
    • Rescheduled
    • No Show
    • Cancelled
  • We are still working on the reporting endpoint, so you wont be able to build a report with this yet. We plan to finish that during the beta period
  • We are still in the process of adding this funtionality to the mobile app
  • All past meeting can be updated
  • We plan to include meeting outcomes later this year, which will function similar to custom call outcomes does today