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Meeting Links when embedded - missing checkbox for GDPR compliant data processing

Apparently most Hubspot users operating in Europe send out Meeting Links to exising contacts instead of embedding them on their websites.

When collecting personal data from prospects all of us need to make sure we have the explicit consent to process that data. The Hubspot Forms in the Marketing Tools in fact pay respect to that by enabling Hubspot users to add/edit the respective field to the form:

after enabling GDPR settings generally or for a specific form you can edit the form and under other form fields add or edit the GDPR field; the drop down let's you choose between legitimate interest, - which you should choose only if you know what you are doing - a checkbox for consent for communication and a simple text for data processing (which is standard for no reason if you ask me), or checkboxes for both consent for communication and consent for data processing (the latter is then automatically a required field as it should be).

Only the last option is the safe option here; the "standard option" should only be used if you already have this contact in your crm and have the consent from another source; it is practical when you additionally want your contact to join a marketing list for example.


Now to the actual issue I and basically all Hubspot users operation in the EU have:

when we send out a Meetink Link to a contact we obviously do have the consent from another source to process their data or we would be in dangerous violation of the GDPR.

BUT when we want to embed the meeting link on a website to turn prospects into leads I need to have that additional consent for data processing checkbox.

Sadly when we edit the form that is integrated into the Meeting Link there is no way to add that. Although it would have been logical to add it here when it was added to the GDPR form field... this was pretty new in 2020 IIRC... so apparantly nobody noticed this discrepancy in the last 3 years. Except I pointed it out 3 years ago while working for a different company.

So how about someone at Hubspot implements the same option Forms have to the Meeting Link forms? That would be nice... and GDPR compliant.