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Meeting Links to include multiple external attendees

We currently use the Team/Group option for allowing our prospects to schedule sales demos with multiple internal employees. Often there is an external party (not an employee or HubSpot user) we would like to include in the meeting or our prospects want to include other attendees (typically co-workers or their own consultants) of their own. We don't need to see their availability but I would like a way to CC the invite to them. Ideally, I would like to add an optional  CC address on the meeting configuration and we could optionally receive additional CC addresses via the meeting registration form.


This would eliminate some administrative work on my part and improve our communication/coordination. Currently, we have to keep an eye on meeting invites and add these additional attendees manually.


If you think this would benefit you, please vote for this idea!

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January 26, 2024 06:38 AM



Thank you for all of your feedback. This is now live to all, so I am changing the status to delivered.


I see recent feedback from some of our beta testers with requests that we automatically create contacts in HubSpot when a prospect provides guest emails during booking. At this time, the meetings tool will only automatically create contacts for those that are the ones actually booking the meeting. Any additional guests that are added can be seen from the meeting engagement in the contact's timeline, in the booking email notification that a rep receives when someone books time with then, and in the calendar event on your external calendar if you want to manually create contacts for these email addresses that were provided to you. Please continue to share your feedback on this and I will continue to monitor this thread as the team considers any future enhancements that we might make to this flow in the future, including the potential to make creating contacts for additional guests easier.


Thank you!



November 09, 2023 02:04 PM

@JHinckley you can follow the steps in this KB article to join betas in HubSpot! Once enrolled in the public beta for Add Guests to Meetings via Scheduling Pages, you can turn on this new feature by navigating to the Form tab on any of your scheduling pages and turning on Allow guests

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November 09, 2023 01:33 PM



Thank you all for your feedback. This went into Public Beta today if you would like to check it out early! The ability to allow guests when booking a meeting through a scheduling page is available to be turned on for any of your meetings links. Let us know if you have any early feedback on this feature!

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September 19, 2021 06:28 PM

Hi Community,


Thanks for sharing these comments and ideas. We'll be reviewing this idea in the coming weeks to get a better understanding for what the technical lift would be to include such a feature. Should there be a potential 'quick win' then we may be able to project a timeline and update this idea to 'In planning' but should there be some complications, or we do not have the capacity to pick this work up this year, then we will update to 'Not currently planned' and assess where it will fall on our priorities in 2022. 


Some additional thoughts:

- As it was mentioned, we will not be able to check availability of contacts that are not on your team, so these meetings could be booked over their existing availability

- This would most likely be a feature add to the 'Group' meeting type.

- We will be reviewing this feature as part of a broader theme of work that we are currently reviewing to improve the flexibility and use-cases for scheduling across HubSpot


I hope this context is helpful, thanks again for your ideas and feedback!

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would it be really usefull especially when you would like to do demo of product with several leads or meeting with severel people of one company. 


I just reported this request to HubSpot support.  I was a user of Calendly and it had an option to allow someone who is booking a meeting on your calendar to invite others.  We are using this to schedule meetings and demos.  Often our prospects want to include others.  This will allow them to do that and not request it from me late


This idea should be implemented, since attendes who book a time with us, also want to add their collgues. Calendly has this feature


We have a need for this as well. 


@glencornell 1.5 years later so likely out of your purview now but go another update for us on this by any chance?


I´ve seen a lot of HubSpot users leveraging Calendly and Chilipiper over the past couple of years. HubSpot´s got to be leaving sales seat revenue on the table because this meeting tool feature hasn´t been implemented. 


Definetly a must have, especially in the B2B business when you have multiple people from the same company joining a meeting. 

Do you have any updates on it, after Sept 2021? Thank you.


This would be a strong move forward and overcome some pretty significant challenges we're facing with an onboarding programme. We need comms to go to everyone that joins the onboarding call, scheduled by 1 person. 


We then need to manually add everyone who joins the session to HubSpot as they are noticed on the invite. Not a very slick process and lots of reminders for our CSM's to have to check the meetings, and manually add, daily.


@glencornell Hi Glen, I hope you're well. This idea seems to be at approx 75 weeks "In Review". Would appreciate a "Not-planned" update, or something to indicate whether my team should commit to another provider for this service.

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@glencornell would love to see an update on this. As mentioned by others, Calendly already has this function. Someone even went so far as to show visually what it would look like. Seems like a fairly straight forward development request. At the very least, an update to if this is even something HS is going to consider would be helpful.

Thank you!


C'mon HubSpot! What's the latest with this—is this on the roadmap? As others mentioned, Calendly has this function already and I'd like to know if we should commit to an alternative for an August 2023 event. 


This thread originally started in 2019 and nothing has happened in 4 years. I loved the scheduling with HS but after looking at this thread, Calendly might be better after all.

I am also really struggling with why this is seems to be such a big ask.

We just went with Calendly and just synced it with our email calendar. It works.


@HannanChowmill I can say, I've been using Calendly for the past few weeks and it's been hassle-free (with the exception of having to look elsewhere for a scheduling solution when it seems HubSpot should be more than capable). I'd recommend it.

I appreciate the replies this sits about my pay grade sadly, but I will
pass this along up the chain of command.

Hubspot Devs: I'm a Hubspot Champion, currently a BD Manager, former Database Developer and Admin, former Computer Engineer, and I know it shouldn't be that hard.  I have been facing a problem with having the service team adopting Hubspot even if it's just by integrating their calendar.  


Alas, I've shown the benefits of the group meeting link -- hence more are required to finish their setup, AND HS gets me to use up seats that otherwise would not be needed.  


This has only progressed over the course of ONE week.  So now one of the PM's came to me with this exact question: How do I add a link that allows the customer to add more people? At least a couple?  


Mind you, I showed the features from Hubspot to the upper levels, and it even led to drop the Calendly seats and usage.


Am I going to have to retract on how awesome Hubspot is to help them and go back to Calendly?  These colleagues are not in the Sales or Marketing depts, and they use a different platform for Tickets and Service (since it existed before my time), so having them adopt the system is already perceived as "extra work/another tool/platform confusion", etcetera.  


I also started off with Chili Piper, along with Hubspot, and we barely signed up in Q3 2022.  We dropped Chili Piper also.  Can we please get more attention on this one?  There's even interest from some teams in other business units about our processes in the rest of the Enterprise (we're currently using Hubspot in one business unit, so hint hint for opportunity).   Four years is a little too long to not have some answers to this.  I'm sure Mr. Dharmesh Shah is swamped as ChatSpot is launching and we're all rushing to generative AI stuff ... so who in Sales and Customer Success could influence the Tech  side to view this as a fun Challenge to delight their customer?




@hectorv  I would rather have more features around meetings than AI. Not to say AI isn't bringing useful features, but it is the sexy hot thing.  Meetings is the elder, LOL. 

It would also be cool to add group meetings by properties so they are dynamic to the person/company we want to meet with.  Like dynamnically pulling in their team members.


+1. @hubspot 


This change would be really helpful to enable a simple event registration tool. It already has all teh features, except for the fact the multiple people can't register for the same time slot.