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Meeting Links to include multiple external attendees

We currently use the Team/Group option for allowing our prospects to schedule sales demos with multiple internal employees. Often there is an external party (not an employee or HubSpot user) we would like to include in the meeting or our prospects want to include other attendees (typically co-workers or their own consultants) of their own. We don't need to see their availability but I would like a way to CC the invite to them. Ideally, I would like to add an optional  CC address on the meeting configuration and we could optionally receive additional CC addresses via the meeting registration form.


This would eliminate some administrative work on my part and improve our communication/coordination. Currently, we have to keep an eye on meeting invites and add these additional attendees manually.


If you think this would benefit you, please vote for this idea!

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January 26, 2024 06:38 AM



Thank you for all of your feedback. This is now live to all, so I am changing the status to delivered.


I see recent feedback from some of our beta testers with requests that we automatically create contacts in HubSpot when a prospect provides guest emails during booking. At this time, the meetings tool will only automatically create contacts for those that are the ones actually booking the meeting. Any additional guests that are added can be seen from the meeting engagement in the contact's timeline, in the booking email notification that a rep receives when someone books time with then, and in the calendar event on your external calendar if you want to manually create contacts for these email addresses that were provided to you. Please continue to share your feedback on this and I will continue to monitor this thread as the team considers any future enhancements that we might make to this flow in the future, including the potential to make creating contacts for additional guests easier.


Thank you!



November 09, 2023 02:04 PM

@JHinckley you can follow the steps in this KB article to join betas in HubSpot! Once enrolled in the public beta for Add Guests to Meetings via Scheduling Pages, you can turn on this new feature by navigating to the Form tab on any of your scheduling pages and turning on Allow guests

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November 09, 2023 01:33 PM



Thank you all for your feedback. This went into Public Beta today if you would like to check it out early! The ability to allow guests when booking a meeting through a scheduling page is available to be turned on for any of your meetings links. Let us know if you have any early feedback on this feature!

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September 19, 2021 06:28 PM

Hi Community,


Thanks for sharing these comments and ideas. We'll be reviewing this idea in the coming weeks to get a better understanding for what the technical lift would be to include such a feature. Should there be a potential 'quick win' then we may be able to project a timeline and update this idea to 'In planning' but should there be some complications, or we do not have the capacity to pick this work up this year, then we will update to 'Not currently planned' and assess where it will fall on our priorities in 2022. 


Some additional thoughts:

- As it was mentioned, we will not be able to check availability of contacts that are not on your team, so these meetings could be booked over their existing availability

- This would most likely be a feature add to the 'Group' meeting type.

- We will be reviewing this feature as part of a broader theme of work that we are currently reviewing to improve the flexibility and use-cases for scheduling across HubSpot


I hope this context is helpful, thanks again for your ideas and feedback!

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Any updates on this? already has this built out beautifully. Please work on this — currently, limited feature/capability makes Hubspot Sales less than stellar. 


Please tell me covid was the catalyst for the effort and money to add this feature.... still looking... 


This is an important feature for us as well, and the meetings system has limited value for us without this. We are holding out in hopes this feature is implemented before going back to a third-party scheduling system.


This would be really nice, along with group webinar scheduling!


This would be great! I was trying to add a Meeting link to an auto email so that guests can add it straight to their calendar.

It works perfectly - for one person - then my calendar is greyed out for that date/time.

If multiple people could book that Zoom meeting that would be super helpful.


we really need this

Colaborador(a) | Parceiro

Anyone have any updates on this?


Would love to have an update on this review.


Calendly provides this and would love to get off it and have everything live in Hubspot.


should be an easy add.should be an easy add.


+1!  Not sure why this isn't already part of Hubspot Meetings.  The additional person's availability isn't that important - that's up to the person signing up to suss out and verify their availability.


Bonus points would be the ability to denote optional.


Heck yea! Let's add some much over due needed features and keep being a much better system and value than caaaaalendly! Haha.


+1 would love more activity on feedback of roadmaps on review process... It'd help keep the team accountable and moving forward efficiently as well. Perhaps a public viewable kanban trello board Ehhhhh? 🤔 Think their different enough to not be timid to use that software for this process, personally haha. 


Cheers HubSpot team! Look forward to that update 😉 


Why is this not yet done? I am seeing this all over the community starting 5 years ago


5 years. 



  • The ability to schedule for others within Hubspot
  • The Hubspot meeting links have a function to "Add another attendee" because we frequently set meeting for teams, not just one person

Yes, please add this feature! We are trying to schedule collaborative Zoom MEETINGS, not Webinars, with up to 60 attendees that woud be signing up for a time slot. It is looking like we are going to have to use Calendly for this feature, and pay for that as well... It should not be that complicated to allow multiple external attendees to a meeting and be able to cap it at a certain amount.


I cannot believe this STILL isn't a feature... First off, it shouldn't be that complicated to be able to schedule these Zoom Webinars. Second, there needs to be an option for this for Zoom Meetings as well. We need the capabilities of Meetings to allow our attendees to more actively participate in the training sessions we are offering over Zoom...


We are looking for this feature as well. Stuck with Microsoft Bookings because it does this. 


agreed. I am really on the fence about switching to Calendly. I love their tool, I just want all the integration and analytics of an integrated solution.


If we message on here every day, would this get bumped to the top of priorities? @hubspot 


Heck yea! It would certain allow us to voice our absolute necessity for this feature in this otherwise amazing software platform! I love keeping things in the HubSpot system, but when I can't get a coaching webinar together or simple add to calendar links for appointments, it makes things quite frustrating and difficult. Hear hear to begging for the priority feature add! 


Haven't had time to post, but I recently signed up for a HubSpot webinar and they had a page with calendar links, and it was certainly a one to many webinar. But it did seem they were using the earlier recommendation of an alternate software system for that. But looked good and worked well. Sure wish to help the team see the value not only for us thousands of customers, their own internal Ops, but also their external marketing! 3 birds one feature eh? 🤔 




I have been lurking and looking for this update for some time - just wanted to see where things are here.


@glencornell  any updates on this feature request 🙂

even with the single booking (not group) sometimes the person (client) booking the meeting wants to CC someone else on their team, no need to check their calendar, simply send them a copy of the meeting invite. this would be helpful.


This need for this feature has not come up until now. Our team needs to book a timeslot that needs to be filled with multiple attendees. Adding this feature would be very useful...