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Meeting Links to include multiple external attendees

We currently use the Team/Group option for allowing our prospects to schedule sales demos with multiple internal employees. Often there is an external party (not an employee or HubSpot user) we would like to include in the meeting or our prospects want to include other attendees (typically co-workers or their own consultants) of their own. We don't need to see their availability but I would like a way to CC the invite to them. Ideally, I would like to add an optional  CC address on the meeting configuration and we could optionally receive additional CC addresses via the meeting registration form.


This would eliminate some administrative work on my part and improve our communication/coordination. Currently, we have to keep an eye on meeting invites and add these additional attendees manually.


If you think this would benefit you, please vote for this idea!

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Yes please!


I am successfully using the Beta feature that allows the outside scheduler to invite other users.  It's working as expected.  

PLEASE ensure that these additional users are automatically added as contacts into HUB for meeting tracking to their specific contact record. 


Thank you! 


I talked to support, apparently, this is programmed behaviour, which is super weird. 


They say if the contacts exist on HubSpot already, they will be added to the meeting as contacts. Otherwise, if they don't exist on HubSpot, they will not be added as HubSpot OR to the meeting log itself. Instead it will create the main booker as a contact if they do not exist, and only add the booker to the meeting.


Your calendar App, e.g. Outlook will include all attendees for this meeting that HubSpot creates. 


The only workaround now is potentially to add these contacts manually to HubSpot from the meeting within your calendar App. Support mentioned some kind of workflow might be an option, but I haven't looked into that yet.

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Thank you for all of your feedback. This is now live to all, so I am changing the status to delivered.


I see recent feedback from some of our beta testers with requests that we automatically create contacts in HubSpot when a prospect provides guest emails during booking. At this time, the meetings tool will only automatically create contacts for those that are the ones actually booking the meeting. Any additional guests that are added can be seen from the meeting engagement in the contact's timeline, in the booking email notification that a rep receives when someone books time with then, and in the calendar event on your external calendar if you want to manually create contacts for these email addresses that were provided to you. Please continue to share your feedback on this and I will continue to monitor this thread as the team considers any future enhancements that we might make to this flow in the future, including the potential to make creating contacts for additional guests easier.


Thank you!




This should be a basic function for a calendar system. please implement.