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Meeting Links to include multiple external attendees

We currently use the Team/Group option for allowing our prospects to schedule sales demos with multiple internal employees. Often there is an external party (not an employee or HubSpot user) we would like to include in the meeting or our prospects want to include other attendees (typically co-workers or their own consultants) of their own. We don't need to see their availability but I would like a way to CC the invite to them. Ideally, I would like to add an optional  CC address on the meeting configuration and we could optionally receive additional CC addresses via the meeting registration form.


This would eliminate some administrative work on my part and improve our communication/coordination. Currently, we have to keep an eye on meeting invites and add these additional attendees manually.


If you think this would benefit you, please vote for this idea!

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Does anyone have a contact from Hubspot Product team to give us an update? Have been waiting a long time to find out if it's on the roadmap... frustrating when we are growing our sales team but still don't have this capability.


Would love to see this become a feature as well.  


Agree with the points above. This is a crucial feature for every business to using HubSpot even more and not needing 3rd party tools such as Calendly for inviting stakeholders on the customer side. Being able to take that off the prospect's plate is a must. 

"Adding guests" or being able to put multiple e-mail addresses on the e-mail address field and separate them by a comma would be great. 
E-mail Address:, 


Please consider this, HubSpot. 

Stay awesome!


Love this idea. The owner of our company has his calendar linked for prospects to schedule a meeting with him. As the CEO, he is very busy and needs to delegate these meetings to certain coworkers at times or even conduct the meeting together. Being able to cc them on these meetings would take out the manual work of him forwarding the meeting invites to them. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


Thanks for sharing these comments and ideas. We'll be reviewing this idea in the coming weeks to get a better understanding for what the technical lift would be to include such a feature. Should there be a potential 'quick win' then we may be able to project a timeline and update this idea to 'In planning' but should there be some complications, or we do not have the capacity to pick this work up this year, then we will update to 'Not currently planned' and assess where it will fall on our priorities in 2022. 


Some additional thoughts:

- As it was mentioned, we will not be able to check availability of contacts that are not on your team, so these meetings could be booked over their existing availability

- This would most likely be a feature add to the 'Group' meeting type.

- We will be reviewing this feature as part of a broader theme of work that we are currently reviewing to improve the flexibility and use-cases for scheduling across HubSpot


I hope this context is helpful, thanks again for your ideas and feedback!


This would allow us to scrap calendly, effectively... Really really important, we need the "additional attendees" field!


I think there is multiple versions of this. A simple on is just making it possible for a lead to add more external attendents to a meeting. Simply by mail a, mail b etc. 


Would love to see this happen!


Would also love to see this feature added. It's critical to know who will be in the room as well as it saves a lot of time in follow-ups.


We need this functionality also.  Is there an update?


Here we are in 2022 and I'm paying for Calendly just so my customers can easily invite multiple people to a simple zoom meeting with me. Any updates HubSpot? 


We need to be able to send a customer our meeting link and allow them to add multiple people from their office to the meeting by adding their emails to the meeting details. 


Calendly is our preferred service right now because they make it simple for people to add an email and it puts it on anyone's calendar who's email was added to the meeting invite. We tried to use HubSpot but kept missing meetings or it was a pain to manually add people and dont' get me started on cancellations and time/date changes. 



This would be a super helpful feature. I would love to be copied on meeting invites, as well as my sdr team, but right now there's no way to do that. 


Chili Piper does this well...image.png

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Another added feature to this could be the ability for the prospect filling out the meetings link to add additional contact email addresses they know also need to be on the meeting. This would avoid them or the sales rep from having to forward the meeting invite after the fact.


I literally just contacted support about this exact functionality. Calendly does this; it's just a field for peple to add additonal email addresses to invite their colleagues (see below). It would be amazing for Hubspot to have the same field so people can invite their colleagues, AND all those emails get automatically captured into our Hubspot.


Without that, we actually get more information from Calendly since we get the email addresses of all attendees. However, the data is siloed. With Hubspot, we only get one person's info, but it makes it into our CRM. Please fix this, Hubspot!




Not only external users - but it would be fantastic to have internal users who do not need to use HubSpot.  Example - our Sales and vCIO users under Sales Professional licenses would like to create a group booking link with other internal users.  Currently you can only do this with other sales professional licensed users.  It is not cost effective to add these other users at $100/month just to book an occasional meeting.  The other option would be to go outside of HubSpot to integrate a meeting booking app, which is very inexpensive, but that messes up the true HubSpot users.  

This would be a great value-add for HubSpot Professional accounts.  Please consider!


I too was directed to this post to "uplift" it. However, it does not solve my problem of being able to setup a meeting that allows for multiple attendees outside of my organization. We currently use Microsoft Bookings for the purpose of scheduling group demos. We cap the number of attendees to 15. The meeting shows as an available time slot up until the maximum number of attendees have registered for it. If maximum number is reached, it no longer shows as an available time slot, exactly as one would expect just like scheduling a one-on-one meeting.

Max Attendees SettingMax Attendees Setting

If one attendee cancels his/her registration, it does not cancel the meeting for everyone. Only the organizer can cancel the meeting. If the organizer cancels the meeting, it would send cancellation to all attendees.


I've just asked Support about this today, and they pointed me to this thread.


So HubSpot, my request was to be able to send one Meeting Link, with a set time(s) that multiple people could respond to and sign-up for.

Useful for setting up an event, webinar, group demo etc.




We would also need this kind of feature.


We want to offer "open Demos/Trainings" where multiple people can select and book the same meeting link. Or at least give the customer the option to add people by themselves to the meeting, so we do not have to do that.

otherwise, it is a back and forth communication on who can attend the demo/training meeting.