Meeting Links to include multiple external attendees

We currently use the Team/Group option for allowing our prospects to schedule sales demos with multiple internal employees. Often there is an external party (not an employee or HubSpot user) we would like to include in the meeting or our prospects want to include other attendees (typically co-workers or their own consultants) of their own. We don't need to see their availability but I would like a way to CC the invite to them. Ideally, I would like to add an optional  CC address on the meeting configuration and we could optionally receive additional CC addresses via the meeting registration form.


This would eliminate some administrative work on my part and improve our communication/coordination. Currently, we have to keep an eye on meeting invites and add these additional attendees manually.


If you think this would benefit you, please vote for this idea!

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Great Idea!

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I need this functionality as well. I have a director of sales, but as the owner of my company, I would like to know which appointments are being set, and also, if there is a last minute scheduling conflict, I can step in and handle the call. 

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Great idea. Would love to see this implemented.

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There are multiple threads about adding this functionality .... as is very standard for the calendar apps hubspot meetings is supposed to replace.

Can anyone from HubSpot address this request that has been ongoing across mutliple threads for some time (years) - as it is a fairly stock-standard expected functionality right from the get go.

Is it going to happen - or do we just continue paying for calendly or other apps in addition to hubspot, when really we shouldn't have to ???

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Would love to see an update from Hubspot's end on this feature.

@roisinkirby - any insight that you can share?


@maxlynam - you mention that there are other threads with this feature request - can you link them here so that we can upvote/potentially merge them to increase visibility on Hubspot's end? Thanks.


Is there any update from Hubspot on this calendar / meetings functionality? Having the ability for customers to book a meeting with mutliple attendees from their end is a pretty basic funtion of most other calendar apps such as Calendly. 

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We lead group demos, as well as training "classes" for new customers. We offer them once a day, every day and multiple leads/customers sign up to attend the meetings. We currently use calendly/zapier/zoom/custom properties and automations to hack this together, but would love for it to be streamlined! 

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Desperate for the ability for multiple people booking functionality within calendar link - we have been asking our Hubspot rep for the past 2 years and upvoted every time it's mentioned in one of these threads. We run tours and need to book multiple people in with one rep at the same time. Please any updates Product team?? During Covid there are so many more virtual events, meetings this would be so helpful for our business. We also hack calendly/zapier/zoom and it doesn't help our business growth. 

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@AmyHubAus couldn't agree more.

There are a lot of things to like about Hubspot's meeting tool (especially if you're using the platform for sales and marketing and tying everything together), but there are a handful of limitations that don't appear to be on their product teams priority list.


Adding multiple people to a booking without using a shared calendar link should be a given, as should the ability to add a location field to the meeting marker! The feature already exists in manual meetings being booked directly from a contact/company record - why can't the automated calendar invite that gets sent after a meeting is booked through Hubspot's tool allow for a location??


As with many of the non-core Hubspot tools, the Meetings link will provide great value to those looking to use it on a very basic level. For anything beyond the low hanging fruit, you'll often need to explore a third-party option - and pay for it.

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As much as I would like this idea to come to fruition. I was just thinking the other day about setting up a distribution list (for example sales@xxx) on outlook to come to me and my business partner for updates to the shared calendar. I haven't tested it yet.