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Meeting Link Pop Up Option from Contact Us Form

It would be awesome to be able have a meeting link pop-up feature that can incorporated into a form, ie a Contact Us Form (CUF).  Similar to how you can set up a meeting via the chat bot, but instead based on what a user fills in on a CUF - a pop up to schedule a meeting with a paid service hub user could be an option automatically on the screen if the user decides not to use the chat bot feature. 


The goal is to make it as easy as possible for a call to be scheduled with a prospect verse having them have to wait for a response email from us after they submit the CUF. 


Chili Piper ( has a similar feature that they sell, but we would prefer to keep this all under our HubSpot umbrella!  


The challenge will be setting up the if/then braching behind the scenes, but if we look at similarly to how the chat bot chatflow that could work.  Although I know nothing about developing so...there is that. 🙂 


Thanks for considering! You all rock!  We love HubSpot at Clearwater!

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Yeah, this needs to be implemented. Would prefer not to go out to ChiliPiper myself.