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Meeting Link Analytics : Reporting on client portal's usage of meeting links

When I start working with new clients in their existing HubSpot account, I often like to audit it to understand how they are configured and how they use HubSpot.


During that initial audit, I would like to be able to see if/how their HubSpot users are using meeting links and what performance they get.


For example, I would like to know things like :

  • Which user has the most links created?
  • Which user has best the performance with his links?
  • Number of times a certain link was shared
  • Number of times a certain link was clicked
  • Number of times a certain link has converted
  • etc.

I envision this analytics report looking similar to a "Templates" analytics.




Note :

I've seen other ways to report on meeting links using the Custom Report Builder, and although I can see meeting links, I cannot have a good idea of their usage and performance.

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Participant | Elite Partner

I face the same issue Samuel! You have my upvote for this one!

Hall of Famer | Partner

Upvoted, this would be very useful.