Meeting Booking Form Prepopulates with Known Values

If HubSpot has already collected information such as First Name, Last Name, and Email in a COS Page form, then this information should be able to prepopulate when booking a Meeting in Sales Pro. For example, if Jane submits a form on a landing page and then follows a link to book a Meeting with a sales rep, the information she submitted on the landing page form should prepopulate in the the Meetings booking form. 

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Aug 6, 2019

My pleasure!

Aug 6, 2019

Unfortuntately we won't be able to connect the data from the contact record to a specific visitor without a cookie on their browser to identify who they are when they reach the form. If they have filled out a meeting form, or a hubspot form on the same domain as the meeting link, we will be able to pre-fill the informtion, based on the identifier of the cookie on their browser.

Aug 6, 2019

Hey Scott - 


It should be showing up within the "Form Questions" section of the meeting link create/edit flow. Here's a zoomed out image for better context:



This will only skip the form if this specific contact has filled out a meeting booking form in the past. 


Another way the form pre-populates is if that contact has filled out a form on the same domain that the meeting link is hosted. You can do this by either embedding your booking page on your website, or using the custom domain hosting feature in meetings.




More details here:

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Jul 30, 2019


This is now live to all with access to meetings

This update enables meetings forms to pre-populate with known information when a contact returns to a user’s booking page. Alternatively, you have the option to configure your meetings link settings such that known contacts can skip the form entirely.


How does it work?

If a contact has filled out a meeting link in the past, HubSpot will recognize that contact by the cookie in their browser, and automatically fill in the contact’s form response. Meetings forms will not auto-populate custom questions, as these are designed to be unique for each booking.

If meetings are hosted on a custom domain ( or if a meeting is embedded directly on your website (, HubSpot will be able to pre-populate known values for contacts who have filled out other HubSpot forms (even if they’ve never booked a meeting before). For HubSpot forms information to pre-populate meeting forms, both forms must be on the same domain.



Additional Feature

You also have the option to configure your meetings link settings such that known contacts can skip the form entirely if all contact information is known. If a meeting form consists completely of known contact properties then a meeting will be booked the moment a contact has selected a time. To enable this setting, go to the “Form Questions” section of your meeting link settings. This setting is adjustable per each individual meeting link. Meeting forms will not skip entirely if they contain a custom question.




Who gets it?

All users with access to Meetings (Free and up)

Jul 23, 2019

@JohnS63  -


Contacts will need to be in your system, and they will need to be a return contact to that form. The first time that a contact fill out a form, we will cookie their browser, and remember their information the next time that the contact goes to your meeting page form.


- Glen

Jul 18, 2019

Hey @Exp -


Great question. Mostly yes to both of your questions.

For meetings pages that are hosted on your website, or embedded on your website, Meetings would already know any contact information that you have for that specific contact.


If you have fields asking for Email, First Name, Last Name on the meeting page, and you already have ALL of that information about the contact booking a meeting, then it would skip the form altogether.

Jun 26, 2019

Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions on this idea.


We are currently working on improvements that we hope will solve many of the issues surfaced in this thread. 


These updates will allow for meetings links hosted or embedded on your website to prefill with known contact data. We expect this to be live in the next couple of weeks. 


Some additional context:

This has been a challenging request because by default, meetings forms are not hosted on your website. This makes it difficult for the meetings tool to find and prefill information from your contact database. Last year, we released the ability to host meeting links from your own domain (available to Marketing Hub Professional and Marketing Hub Enterprise customers). However, we hadn’t built a solution to find and prefill meeting booking information for known contacts -- until now. 


I understand that this doesn’t solve for everyone. Some of you are not able to host meetings on your website, and not all of your use cases involve a meeting link that is embedded on your site. For that reason, I’m not yet going to change the status of the idea. 


My team and I are going to continue to evaluate all other situations in meetings where contact data can be prefilled to reduce friction in the booking process, and will provide updates here as we learn more.


If you have any questions, please post her or message me directly!

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Feb 25, 2019

Hey folks - we are indeed planning on making progress here, we will be integrating Meetings more deeply with the Forms tool to support pre-populating with known values. Stay tuned.

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Jun 4, 2018

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We tried jaysonb's idea, and it works if you hardcode the values, but we found that if someone has just filled out a form, then we try to embed variable in the URL, Hubspot doesn't 'know' them yet. The variables only work when a known user fills out a form (Hubspot already 'knows' the values). It doesn't work if a new user fills out a form and then goes to the calendar page.

HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks.  Thanks for surfacing this.


Will talk to the team this week and see if we can get this done. It makes sense that we should reduce friction for the customer where possible.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks - we are indeed planning on making progress here, we will be integrating Meetings more deeply with the Forms tool to support pre-populating with known values. Stay tuned.

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Amazing - great news 🙂 

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Yes, definitely need this ! Right here if you need beta tester Smiley Wink

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Hi team, just subscribing here for updates and wanted to add my voice to the crowd as I'm also searching for a solution to this issue.


It is not really ideal for us to simultaneously advise clients to remove friction from their lead gen tools whilst also introducing a barrier from HubSpot's tools.

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Do we have an update onthis feature? We've got customer feedback as to why ask them for their e-mail if the meeting link is sent by e-mail.


Calendly aready has this feature where it aouto populates the first, last name, and the e-mail. I do not want to integrate more tools. 

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I too would love to have an update. This is such a bad piece of code that is very simple to fix. Please listen to the few that take the time to give you feedback...we speak for the masses that don't! 

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Following.... really KEEN to see this feature released - it's not a good experience that we capture name and email, direct user to a calendar and then ask for the same details again...

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Any updates now from 2 years ago?

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This is the only reason why I will not use the Chatbot. Please ?


Any updates on this? Honestly the fact that we request our potential clients to schedule multiple meetings via hubspot and they have to continue to fill out their names and emails is unprofessional and makes us look like amateurs. Forms should generate a unique URL for each contact or simply pass the email, name as a URL param and at the very least prefill it out. I still LOVE Hubspot but this is a must.

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Just putting a request to get a little more info from the Hubspot team on the status of this. Thanks!

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This remains critical for the process of getting bookings on our websites.

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Also getting in line to get more information on the current status. 

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This is causing FRICTION in my lead funnel. Hubspot loves to talk the talk about reducing friction, but can't seem to walk the walk 🙄. Please just fix this already!

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Can sombody from Hubspot at least aknolegde this thread? And give us some feedback on wheather this is somnething they've put in their roadmap for future features

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Still waiting for a fix or a reply from hubspot!  come on you guys!  You're better than this!!