Meeting Booking Form Prepopulates with Known Values


If HubSpot has already collected information such as First Name, Last Name, and Email in a COS Page form, then this information should be able to prepopulate when booking a Meeting in Sales Pro. For example, if Jane submits a form on a landing page and then follows a link to book a Meeting with a sales rep, the information she submitted on the landing page form should prepopulate in the the Meetings booking form. 

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 It sounds great, I think it´s a necessary improvement to save time!


+1000 for this feature!


@hroberts why is it taking so long for the team to implement such a fundamental UX feature? It's a disaster for us to have to ask First Name, Last Name and Email to a customer who just answered these questions. Thank you! 


Absolutely mandatory.


From a user's perspective, to fill in a "book demo" form (required, because we want to use progressive profiling), and then being redirected to *another* form asking them at minimum AGAIN for first name, last name and email......we'll that's just silly. 😉


Kills conversion rate and annoys users.


I have tested the following which does not work:{{}}&firstName={{contact.firstname}}&lastName={{contact.lastname}}


Hubspot, please move this feature forward on your roadmap!



Very much needed feature. 

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I'm really surprised this isn't already a feature. This needs to be done ASAP. 


Please add this feature! We'd like to add calendar links to our demo request workflow but it's currently a bad UX that a user must fill in their email, first, and last name twice to book their demo.


Seems like a big oversight.  Please add this quickly.


Not having this feature is really making our customer experience clunky and difficult.


So, this was submitted over a year ago and there are many folks that want this. 

When will you be adding this to your platform?



I wish I could upvote more than once! 


Needed !


This functionality is severely lacking and something that should be a standard setting. Any status on this idea?

I was also hoping for a workaround like @SamuelSt suggests, but have not been able to find a solution the prepopulates fields based on the user accessing the meeting link.

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Yes!! I agree


I also need to use it to schedule a meeting after someone submits a form.


In addition to what the other commenters have mentioned, the lack of smart fields often results in duplicate contacts when someone enters an email other than what we have on file for them.


It's very frustrating that this doesn't work. I tried the solution suggested by @Anonymous (copied below) but I couldn't get this working, the form fields would only prepopulate with the tokens (ie it literally said {{ }} in the form rather than the contact values. I tried this on a Hubspot hosted page and on our wordpress site (with Hubspot JS installed) with same result.


Has anyone managed to get the workaround to work?




@avanan 's post for reference:


"When embedding the meeting calender into a webpage, you can include the {{contact.firstName}} {{contact.lastName}} and {{}} into the embed code. Here is an example. Take the embed code that you get from the Hubspot meeting tool:

This only works if someone registered to your site a long time ago. If you have them fill out a contact form and then go to the calendar embed page, it DOES NOT WORK. 


<!-- Start of Meetings Embed Script -->
<div class="meetings-iframe-container" data-src="{{contact.firstname}}&lastName={{contact.lastname}}&email={{}}"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- End of Meetings Embed Script -->


Here are some other things we found:

1. You can embed most any form-enabled Hubspot property this way. Unfortunately, you cannot embed a Salesforce Campaign ID. That would be incredible. This does not work unless Hubspot has had a some time to update. So this only works for a known contact that has been known for a long time.

2. You can embed the answer to any of the 'question' fields that you made in the original meeting request.  

3. You can embed ANYTHING. If you add &Meeting%20Topic=Surprise%20Party%20for%20Tom it won't show up in Hubspot anywhere, but it will get added to the calendar event as "Meeting Topic: Surprise Party for Tom". This allows you to put any text into the calendar invite. "


This is SUCH an important feature to be added. Whenever a meeting link is sent to a prospect from the Hubspot CRM, the forms should prepopulate when the prospect opens the meeting link. You guys simply need to check the email’s tracker ID to see who opened the meeting link then JOIN with the the sender’s CRM database list and find the appropriate prospect and fill up all the fields automatically.


Come on @dharmesh. This is such a critical yet simple feature that would help someone trying to fill up meeting forms by a tenfold. How is this not implemented yet? I just think that marketers should make it as easy as possible for a prospect to set up a meeting with as little friction as possible.