Meeting Booking Form Prepopulates with Known Values

If HubSpot has already collected information such as First Name, Last Name, and Email in a COS Page form, then this information should be able to prepopulate when booking a Meeting in Sales Pro. For example, if Jane submits a form on a landing page and then follows a link to book a Meeting with a sales rep, the information she submitted on the landing page form should prepopulate in the the Meetings booking form. 

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 It sounds great, I think it´s a necessary improvement to save time!

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+1000 for this feature!

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@hroberts why is it taking so long for the team to implement such a fundamental UX feature? It's a disaster for us to have to ask First Name, Last Name and Email to a customer who just answered these questions. Thank you! 

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Absolutely mandatory.


From a user's perspective, to fill in a "book demo" form (required, because we want to use progressive profiling), and then being redirected to *another* form asking them at minimum AGAIN for first name, last name and email......we'll that's just silly. Smiley Wink


Kills conversion rate and annoys users.


I have tested the following which does not work:{{}}&firstName={{contact.firstname}}&lastName={{contact.lastname}}


Hubspot, please move this feature forward on your roadmap!


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Very much needed feature. 

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I'm really surprised this isn't already a feature. This needs to be done ASAP. 

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Please add this feature! We'd like to add calendar links to our demo request workflow but it's currently a bad UX that a user must fill in their email, first, and last name twice to book their demo.

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Seems like a big oversight.  Please add this quickly.

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Not having this feature is really making our customer experience clunky and difficult.

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So, this was submitted over a year ago and there are many folks that want this. 

When will you be adding this to your platform?