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Median as an option for statistics

Hello 🙂


I use a lot of average options for statistics, but in our case, they are largely skewed due to accidental situations.


It would be great to be able to choose the median time to reply, the median time to close etc instead of average - it would help us to eliminate one-time situations affecting the vision of daily results. 

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Same! My company has been using Median First Reply Time for 5 years and switched to HubSpot last week. It'd be great to continue reporting on our First Reply Time metric the way we always have!

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Same here,


I work for and work exclusively with ecommerce clients. When we're dealing with groups of 1000+ contacts and trying to analyze segments, there can be high and low data values that really skew the Average.


In Excel I always do my analysis based on Median, but if HubSpot can add this option for reporting statistics then that allows me to give the clients more value within HubSpot without having to do an external Excel report.


-Justin Anderson

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+1. Especially in Reports I'd love to be able to have Median as an option to plot rather than Average.


Yes. We work exclusively in ecommerce and when looking at stats like First Order Value, Days Between 1st and 2nd Order, Lifetime Order Value, seeing the average, alone, can really skew the interpretation due to 2-3 outliers in the data.


Having median as another option would mean the world for better customer insight and eliminate a lot of excel exporting or external reporting.

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I'm actually surprised this topic hasn't moved much since it was posted over a year and a half ago (and I can't find another thread that's higher-rated).


Given that HubSpot and marketing/sales are so data-driven, "Average" is completely not sufficient as a lone stat for what's typically happening in a group. We need "Median" to see the halfway point, or look at both number sets to get a picture of what's happening.


Hope this is on the radar. Median makes so much more sense for most data.


This feature is desperately needed.


In the meantime, here's what I am doing to get a more accurate perspective of some variables on my Reports:


Here I want to have a grasp of my MRR distribution (like buckets to form a Histogram)

1- Create a custom property called "MRR distribution" with values such as < 1k, between 1k and 2k, etc.

2- Create a Workflow that, based on MRR, assigns each bucket on a if/else chain so that each Deal falls into a specific bucket

3- Then, create a chart using MRR distribution to see a histogram-like chart


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 16.33.31.png


Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 16.37.29.png

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Aviggiano, wow, you've definitely figured out a serious work around here!


Obviously this isn't at all scalable, but I'm glad you've found a way to create 50/50 distributions in the meantime for key stats.


Again, this median reporting feature is desparately needed for accurate marketing intelligence. 





Same as above. For many measures a median can be more helpful than an average. 


Would love to see this added.