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Media Upload in form autosent to folder

I think having the option to auto-sort all media uploads from a form into a folder in the files section would be extremely useful.

At the moment when someone uses a form that asks for a media upload, the file sits in the form submission section and is attached to a contact, making it hard to find and sort. 

Having the option to send the files to a folder would make this much easier to sort through. For instance, we are asking some of our customers to send in handover pictures of their new cars. If we get hundreds of submissions this means we will have to save each file one by one, when a folder with them in it would save a tonne of time. 

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This is critically important for our organization. We are planning on using form submissions to collect potentially private files such as Resumé's (nothing SPII/SPFI). We want to be able to lock down access to these files somehow. We know we can restrict access to files there through folders, but we need a way to automatically route files from form submissions into a folder that we have already set up with limited access. The lack of this feature is causing some signifcant issues for our team. Are there any plans to add this capability?