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Measurement of Digital impact for sustainability reporting

I'd like to suggest for there to be a way to calculate the ICT carbon footprint (or other widely accepted digital measure) of the hubSpot instance.

I have been tasked by my employer to report on our digital imapct as part of the company's global commitment to sustainability. 
I understand our sustainability credentials are becoming increasingly important to customers and employees.

I'm currently trying to educate myself on the various different measurements for digital impact, but I do not see an obvious way to calculate the impact of our (sizeable multi-hub) HubSpot instance. 
If I could even get a size in MB of database + the assets uploaded - that would be a starting point, but this information does not appear to be accessible currrently. 

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@YChauhan4  I'm sure this will become a reuirement of more companies in the near future. 

HubSpot Employee

You raise a very valid point. We are currently working on developing a carbon calculator for our customers and once it is ready we will be more than happy to provide you with details. 


In the meantime please be reassured we are committed to sustainability. Our purpose is to build a company future generations will be proud of. One critical step we have taken to do this is to set near-term science based carbon reduction targets and to become net carbon zero by 2040 both of which have been validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative. Some practical initiatives include energy efficiency measures across our buildings, moving to green energy tariffs, travel guidelines for our employees as well as supporting them to reduce hybrid working carbon emissions, and engaging our suppliers to make carbon reduction commitments. 


You can find out more in our Sustainability Report 2023 which also includes data on our greenhouse gas emissions. 


If you want connect directly please email me and we can set up a call. Thanks 


Thank you