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We really need to be able to measure response time on all incoming emails in our inbox. Currently this is only possible to measure on tickets as far as I can see. It is a very important measurement feature that most other CRM-systems can offer. 


Average first response to new email, average response time to excisting email thread and so on. 


When will this be possible to get numbers on? Very important to get this if we are going to continue using Hubspot

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For me it seems there's already an average response time for the inbox. However for me it seems to me to bundle both email and chat.
In my case it would be relevant to have those separeted.
Since for chat a 5min response time can be too much, while for an email it's actually quite fast.


I think my issue with Conversations / Tickets and reporting is similar. We want to track the time between an incoming email (as conversation) and the first response of a service agent. Right now, we can only track the first response between the ticket creation date and the first reply.

As the conversations inbox works, we use that to determine whether a conversation is a Ticket, nothing or possibly a Deal. So we need the 'incoming email date' as property to track the real response time.


An example: we could now have an email from 3 days ago, create a ticket and reply within 10 seconds, resulting in a '10 seconds' response time statistic. The actual response time is 3 days+. As far as I see there is not such a property available, but we need it badly.


I believe that with the updates on conversations etc. this is someone 'forgotten'. I do not want to go back to the situation where we automatically create tickets on incoming email.


Facing the same issue. Would like to track response time on incoming email conversations.


Hi, I was also looking for response time measurements and had a chat with HS the other day and it is available only for the professional plan with limitations.


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So I built my own Gsheets response time and interaction time measurements.  It's for my own team on Gsuite only.  Could other Hubbers share with me what other measurements metrics do you use to measure your CS response time?


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Facing the same issue , really need to be able to have the agent first response time if they reply to gmail. Specillay if their inbox is connected to hubspot


Maybe this is out of the scope but I believe that there is no possibility to calculate an average response time on a conversation, specifically when they are several emails exchanges within a same conversation.

Example : 

1st May 2021, 10AM : first client email

1st May 2021, 12PM : first agent response

2nd May 2021,11AM : first client response 

2nd May 2021, 5PM : first client response 


There is a possibility to calculate the first agent response time (2h), the overall response time (31h) but there is no conversation property enabling to calculate the response time to the last client email, which would be in this case : 
(2h hours + 6hours) /2 = 8 hours


Hi everyone, 


We actually built a business that does this exact thing and we integrate with HubSpot.


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