Match workflow enrollment time to specified execution time

Right now you can create workflows to "execute" actions at specific times but leads matching the (re)enrollment criteria are enrolled as soon as they meet the criteria, and not at the specified time of "execution".

I would like enrollment to take place only at the specified time of "execution" and not immediately. Our use case is as follows:

We want to automate task creation for our SDRs to chase leads by phone up to twice a day  - once in the morning and once in the evening - for 5 days from the date of lead creation.

Using a list membership and the "number of times contacted" property, I want to setup:

i) a workflow that creates a task at 08:00 with task time due 13:00 the same day

ii) a workflow that creates a task at 14:00 with task time due 19:30 the same day


If there is an Open Task, the workflows should not create the task in order to avoid duplication. Reenrollment should be possible each time the "number of times contacted" updates, i.e each time a task is completed which in my example is an unsuccessful attempt to contact the lead.

So, as an example, if I call someone unsuccessfully at 12:00, a task would be created at 14:00 that is due at 19:30. It the task due at 19:30 was completed - unsuccessfully - a task would be created at 08:00 the next morning due at 1300, while if the task due at 19:30 was not completed, no task would be created at 08:00 the next morning.

Task status can't be used for reenrollment criteria. As such, I had thought that maybe I could use an immediate IF/THEN branch on Task Status in conjunction with specifying the workflow "execution" times. Sort of, "create a task at 08:00 unless there is already an open task"



However it appears that a lead is re(enrolled) as soon as they meet the enrollment criteria. What is more, they pass through the IF/THEN fork immediately upon enrollment. i.e the fork is independent of the specified "execution" time and directly related to the immediate enrollment time.

I see three potential solutions:

i) Enrollment option that takes place only at the specified time of "execution" already available in the workflow settings tab or
ii) Enrollment is immediate but a lead does not commence the workflow until the specified "execution" time.
iii) Option to define a "delay" as a delay until a fixed as opposed to a given number of days,hours,minutes

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looks like they have gone for option iii) and enabled the possibility to delay an action until a specific day/time


Delighted with this update, thanks guys.