Master Pause for WorkFlows

Add a Master Pause function so that all ads and workflows are paused until un-paused (maybe you can toggle some on individual items back on under this Pause function).


As a user there are times I don't want my marketing emails and ads to run as it wasted effort or inappropriate. The use cases include:

  • internal crisis
  • external  (e.g., hurricanes, terrorist attacks)
  • vacations/holidays (but ideally Hubspot adds  holiday schedule for all WFs so these are days are excluded)
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Great and seemingly simple idea! Smiley Happy

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I mentioned this same thing on the chat. When I have an employee on vacation, I need to be able to stop all tasks from being assigned so they don't return to thousands of overdue tasks. Turning the workflow off is not an option and adding a delay is not an option since it doesn't affect those actively enrolled in the workflow. Also, not everyone is at the same point in any given workflow, so it would take changing every single aspect of every workflow that that employee is currently assigned to. Plus, as mentioned, it wouldn't even take effect for the people already active in a workflow. This is a big issue IMO