Master Deal with sub-deals that de-crement the amount


The idea here is, we have the agreed potential from a customer say $100000. But the agreements are setup that they are billed say quarterly. It's possible the contract is lost at any point in between based on exception criteria. The current system is very manual and we either see the front-loaded "closed won" or we get the "missed opportunity" for not following up with the source deal. This is where the "master deal" comes into play.


It's really a placeholder that indicates where the big pool of money is and how it will burn-down and generate the interest to spark more business/renew a contract.


Sub-deals are then created from the master deal (copying a variety of properties) to save a sales person from keying details. Ideally, they are created on a time event, in the example here quarterly. The amount for this sub-deal gets deducted from the Master Deal.


We get to see executions for the sub-deals as "activity" and a touch point to start. Once the master deal is exhausted we would expect our Sales to be in touch previously as well. This really keeps our pipeline active without requiring an excessive manual review step.


I'd love to show you what we have in HubSpot and how this all plays out. We are very close to it and I could do some automations/scripting to implement it.

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Great idea and really needed!

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I love this idea, too. We have 'master deals' that are let's say a 'program'. Within this program, you have projects, each project carries a deal amount and may be assigned to different departments on our customer's end. You mark a deal as 'closed won', and 4 months later the customer decides, there's another project with this deal, and now you have a new deal, but it's not really new, it's still part of the main program. Essentially, this is what we would like:


Parent Deal - $100,000

  Child Deal #1 - $20,000

  Child Deal #2 - $25,000

  Child Deal #3 - $55,000


Let's say some time passes, and you find out the customer added another project to the Parent Deal, all you would do is add a Child Deal #4 with the Deal amount and it would update the total Parent Deal amount for you.


Great idea, @RVice!!

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We're also looking for a similar solution to help us keep reportable associations between Pre-Development, Development and Managed Services "child-deals" of the Parent Deal. 

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Hey all!


We recently released an app that could help you do this. You would need to create a custom object in your portal for "Master Deal" and then you could associate deals to that master deal manually, but you could also use our app, associ8, to auto associate deals to the master deal. 


You would then use rollup fields on the deals and the master deal object to summarize "associated" deal data. If you have an enterprise portal, shoot me a note and I'd be happy to walk you through it: 


Hi -


Resurrecting this thread: we could use something like that as well, but rather than incrementing the parent deal, we would decrement the parent deal to reflect child deals...


Best, John

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@JOpie you can do this pretty easily I think. Parent/Child deals arent supported so you would likely need a custom object or use a ticket or a company. You would then on create of the child deal copy a number down from the parent onto the child, and then use the workflow action "increasse or decreasse property value" and subtract from it. 


You'd then go do the same thing to the parent object so the next deal is right. 


@Connorj13 thanks for the idea, will have to think how to implement, but it makes eminent sense to increase/decrease property value...