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Mass unenroll contacts from a sequence (via list memberships, contact views and workflows)

At the moment unerolling contacts from a sequence can only be done manually. Either from the sequence summary screen or directly from the contact record. 


This process is currently time-consuming and the sequence summary screen doesn't provide the option to use filters such as 'lifecycle tage', 'last activity date', 'company name' etc to uneroll contacts in bulk.


It would be useful to uneroll contacts from a sequence in bulk, via a list membership, a contact view (or a even enroll and uneroll multiple contacts to a sequence via a workflow). 



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You should be able to unenroll people from a sequence via workflows or property change. For instance, if someone becomes MQL, take out of sequence. 


I can't see this option at the moment unfortunately, can you provide more details around this? 

That would be much appreciated! 🙂