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Mass exporting timeline activities

It would be nice to be able to get a report on your companies with columns counting each HubSpot activity (including notes, voicemails). 

Or some high-level overview of the touch point timeline... 

Something that would show this type of info:


Pointclear calls it a "touch summary"

To demonstrate, take a look at the touch summary for the “uncloseable” that our competitor identified:

Date Stamp



vm 1


email 1


vm 2


email 2


no email just vm


zero out


vm 3


email 3


Dean called me to ask for more information for Mike Smith


follow up voice mail


follow up voice mail


email to request call back


I'll be on vacation from 24 Aug to 2 Sep and will have limited access to email


call scheduled for 8 Sep at 11


sent invite to confirm call




sent email to schedule a meeting with sales exec


confirmed appointment for noon Wed 21 Sep

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I'm a mortgage broker, and this would be great to add my realtors i partner with.  This way thery would be able to effeciantly communicate back and forth assign task etc.  And if at the end of the day we part ways, they take thier book of business with them.


This would be a great feature to get for all countries impacted by GDPR as this would enable us to support data subject rights re. access to data on them.


 Upvote + 1,000! Would be uber valuable to be able to export this data for multiple contacts at once. 




I agree. I would be great for GDPR purpose (disclosure right) to be able to export a chronik summary in order to display the customer what data we are storing...

I also like the idea to get a PDF summary besides the CSV download possibility.

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It would be great too if we could also export the names of the forms a user submitted to be captured in an excel sheet upon export.


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This would be great except it would be beneficial to get all the detail as well. 


We do lead gen with clients who have sales people who follow up on leads via Salesforce or SAP and it would be helpful to us when forwarding leads if we could just forward the entire contact history in one easy document so they can quickly follow the history of the lead and their interactions with marketing. 


We definitely need this..


This would be fantastic. I spend a lot of time doing Ad Hoc reporting to show interactions for individual contacts, so it would be great if there were an export function to show all of the calls/ notes/ items associated with a contact so it would be tracked more automatically.

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@daniella1993 @SupportTeamDSS @danpilat @DannyCyan @Shaunyim  Three different solutions are now available to solve this problem. (Disclosure: All three are provided by my firm via the HubSpot App Marketplace).


Option 1:  Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot app

One option is to export all of your CRM data using Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot.  Ultimate Data Export is available free of charge in the HubSpot App Marketplace.   With the Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot you can export the following data tables and their associations to Excel:

    • Contacts
    • Web Analytics
    • Companies
    • Deals
    • Deal History
    • Owners
    • Campaigns
    • Engagements
    • Emails
    • Products
    • Tickets
    • and more related subdata such as Pipelines and Associations.
The export comes by email as an Excel workbook with 30+ tabs.  You should be able to set up a pivot table to do the analysis, which would be all engagements per contact.  Since the export has the contact IDs needed to link engagements to contacts you should be able to pivot mostly any linkable record in the way described above.  I would recommend this option if you want a low-risk trial of exporting the data and setting up the analysis in Excel. It is not a long term solution if you need to run these reports on a regular basis with updated data.
Since the Ultimate Data Export app is intended for one-time use, you might consider licensing the HubSpot Connector for Excel.  This connector pushes data from your HubSpot portal to a cloud data warehouse, where it is queried automatically each time you open the Excel workbook with your pivot tables.   I recommend this only if you feel strongly that you want to do this work in Excel. The much better option is to use a BI software package (see Option 3)
By using business intelligence software, you have more powerful tools for building the reports you want. Power BI is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure (which is where the HubSpot Connector hosts your data warehouse).  There is a learning curve to Power BI, but it is similar to Excel in many respects.  I would recommend Power BI over Tableau if your company doesn't have any BI software, primarily because of the low cost of Power BI (free or $9.99 a month).
If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me here on the HubSpot Communities.

@johnelmer does this solution currently work? I'm specifically looking for an export of the activity timeline of all contacts, ideally, all historical events of the items you list above, such as all past email events, all past engagements, etc, and deal stage changes (especially moving to Closed Won, or any other specific changes)?

(These can be in multiple tables, and I'll worry about stitching them together)

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Upvote x 1000 also!  When we close a deal we would like to be able to create a document of detailed activity to add to our Client file in our Client Management software.


Yes, it would be logical to have the option to download the meeting notes, same as we can download contact of commpanies into Excel outside HUB. Please activate this option ASAP!! Thank you!