Mass associating of companies to deals


Currently Hubspot doesn't allow to click on several deals when in the deal overview and edit the associated company field. You need to click into each deal and then associate a company to it. This is a very manual process.

Another way could be to allow mass upload/update of deal properties in Hubspot. Currently, when you upload deals, you have to manually assign them to companies.

I'd like to download the deals with associated contacts, then download the contacts with associated companies and domain names, do a VLOOKUP to associate a company to a deal and then upload it back into Hubspot. Such thing could be done already in the backend of Hubspot and I am surprised that such a basic functionality to auto-associate a company to a deal is not available yet.

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I second this - it is probably the most critical functionality needed to enable a smooth transition from a competitive CRM to hubspot.


We are in the process of migrating to hubspot, and have 7000 opportunities we are going to have to associate to companies manually!!!


Ideally you would have a company field in the import spreadsheet that allows a deal to be matched to a company with the exact name already in the CRM.


At the bare minimum, being able to select multiple deals and associate these rather than one by one.


This should be a simple fix. Would be great to see it done soon so that we don't have to do this manually.


Very much needed.


This seems like a core functionality that's missing. +1 to this. 


+1 to this. I'am migrating from another CRM and really miss this feature. It can probably be done with some API calls, but as a non-programmer I would really like this to be part of the application. 


+1 to this. I really need this function to be up on HubSpot asap, it is quite cumbersome to associate companies to mass amount of deals one by one.


I have found a workaround by using this external importtool: (cost me 26 euro’s, but saved me a lot of time)


What I eventually did:

- Export all data from old CRM in CSV’s

- Import all deals and componies in Hubspot using normal import. In the deals import I created a new field ‘import company’ holding the company name of the deal

- Then I exported all deals from Hubspot, so I had an export containing all Unique Deal ID’s

- Then I used to update all deals with the Associated Company using ‘import company’ as mapping in the CSV


That is the procedure that I used, but you should check out because it gives you the ability to link deals with companies and contacts. Hope this helps. Bytheway I found this solution by searching this forum.



This is needed. Another option is to allow the association via Workflows.


This would be a huge time saver to have


Very much needed for tickets at the moment. I'm importing tickets from ZenDesk to Hubspot, our sales team has been using Hubspot for years and so all of our contacts and companies are already created. So I need to import hundreds of tickets and associate them to existing contacts and companies one by one? There MUST be a better way. 


Why can't Associated Contacts, or Associated Companies be an actual property of a ticket or deal, therefore allowing us to update them in our initial imports? 


Even if you built a workflow that would add the associated company, that'd work. I don't think that functionality exists though


'once deal is created and at stage 1, enroll in workflow where if a company exists with the same domain as the deal (custom property), associate the deal and company. and move the deal to stage 2 in the pipeline. If there is no company with a domain that matches the deal (custom property), then create company with said domain and associate the company.'


Why is this not Done yet ?