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Hey Hubspot community, 


I think it would be incredibly helpful if there was a way to easily mass-unenroll contacts from sequences.  While I know you can currently select multiple contacts within a sequence to be unenrolled, I think a filter tool (example: you can search for people at the same company that you want to unenroll because you heard back from someone, set up a meeting, and want to easily make sure no one else from the business recieves another outreach in the meantime) would be life changing. 


Let me know your thoughts, and thank you for giving me the time!


(I'm also reposting this idea here as I was advised on my OG post; if you want to check that out I've linked it here)


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HubSpot Product Team

Hi there!


Thanks for submitting this idea! Just wanted to comment to let you know that we do have a setting available in Sequences that will unenroll all contacts at the same associated company if one of those contacts replies or books a meeting. More information can be found in our help articles here and here.





Hi Caitlin, 


Thank you for passing along this information--I really appreciate it!  


I do see a lot of value in utilizing this setting; however, I still think being able to manually filter/view contacts from the same company within a sequence would be extremely helpful as there are many instances in which you have a lot of prospects (serving various functions and internal teams) at the same company and would not want all of them to be excluded from future outreach automatically via someone's response (ex. if someone responded to you from a company but offered little of value, you may not want to stop the rest of the outreach to that coompany). 


Hopefully this further explains why I believe the update mentioned in my original post would be of value.