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Mass Importing Tasks

We would love to ability to mass import a group of contacts that all need the same task assigned to their contact owners. A good example of a need for this would be when we receive a list of new clients. As we're importing these, it would be great to also have the option to assign a task to all of these contact owners to reach out. 

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This urgently needs to be done. Today you can practically do an import for anything other than auto-creating tasks for specific users. Our teams do approximately 400 supplier tasks a month and today we do not have the flexibility to manipulate the data in excel and upload specific customers into a specific task.


+1 we would also find it very helpful for Hubspot to allow this type of data import as well.
We hold many webinars (2+ per month) with hundreds of contacts, and gotowebinar exports questions that we need to followup with, and right now the only way to create tasks is to manually create the tasks one by one and copy/paste title and notes for each one. 
Super inefficient.


I'm trying to migrate from Clickup - This feature would be super helpful. Otherwise it's not feasible to manually add in 750+ tasks line by line. 
HUBSPOT: is there a time line for this on the road map?