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Marketing emails to secondary email addresses

You should be able to send marketing emails to the secondary email address field.  We market primarily to couples who each have their own email address but are really one customer.  As it stands now, you can only send marketing emails like newsletters to one address so the spouse does not receive it.

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November 01, 2023 04:25 AM

Hi All, Thank you for the continued interest in this feature. It is not in our Q4 plan but we will review as a team and update this post in the coming weeks to give a clearer answer for 2024. 

Not Currently Planned
May 25, 2020 06:44 PM

Thanks for your comments on the idea. This isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. We will re-evaluate in the future and we will update this idea if anything changes. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread. 

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Sad that this has been suggested so long ago and they haven't acted on it yet. Seems like something easy to do, my old CRM did this no problems!



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We need this too.  Our customers are Jounalists and they bounce around jobs a lot and beats a ton.  They prefer to filter immediate correspondence, like new story pitches in their corporate inbox but uses their personal (Gmail) for subscriptions to newsletters and long term communications regarless of what beat their on or where they're currently employed.


I would like to support this definitely.  For us it is important to ensure the mail arrives to PA and to the Partner Ambassador alongside but not as the addressee... I can see this is not something standalone in request as really hope this can be solved and offered soon... 


It seems like they don't give a hoot about giving us this option since this discussion thread is going on 4 years old.



Sad to see that... And a tad discouraging...


Upvoting this essential missing feature! Hubspot, you need to start listening to your customer's needs!


As an organisation that runs programs for people with disabilities, we need to be able to contact the participant, their carers, and families in a single communication so we definitely need a feature that allows contact both primary, secondary and even a third email address within a contact without having to create 3 different contacts for the one participant! Please fix this

Your workaround for now is to create a company for each of the clients and
then associate multiple contacts with that company. Each contacts primary
email address will receive your communications if they are on the list
you’re sending to. Doing it this way may seem like a hassle but you can
designate the role for each of those contacts so you know which one is the
caregiver, which one is family, etc. in case you need to segment at a more
granular level. So think of company as synonymous with your client. Then
think of contacts as associates of the company/client.

But does that decrease the number of contacts we are allowed to market to? I need to keep my database to the bare minimum and won't that push us over the marketing contact limit?


Our company also needs this. Our case is slightly different:

We are a music school, and a lot of our students are minors who either don't have their own email addresses. Thus we need to send bulk emails to student, but for the email to go to the parent as well. We have organized our Hubspot so that:
Student is a contact with custom property: Student=yes

Parent is a contact with custom property: Payer=yes

Both contacts are associated to a company which represents the family, as the contacts can not be directly associated to one other. 

Bunp this up hubspot - this is something you clearly need to deliver. I will look into the ZOHO option as well. I am tired of Hubspot being so insanely expensive and non-responsive to customer needs. 


Really need this feature!!


Please add this feature - we email school leaders and most of the time, their assistants are the ones who read the emails and decide if the principal should look at it. Adding the secretary as a second contact is clunky and wastes time.



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Need this feature; some clients send staff EDMs and often their staff members' work emails are replaced by their personal emails when they fill out forms, so work emails end up going to staff members' personal email addresses.

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This feature is very much needed in the B2B space when smaller company owners use their personal email addresses and their work email addresses interchangeably. We need to be able to send to all designated emails (with multiple primary emails marked) so that they can go into an email workflow and we can monitor activity with a unified contact. Also, it's not fair to have the client pay for more than one contact record simply because HubSpot is unwilling to address this issue.


Adding to the Chorus here. We have a newsletter. A substantial number of our contacts want newsletters sent to a non-primary email. Some just have all their newsletters sent to a certain email. Some use various tools to manage newsletters. Some people want the newsletter to go to both their primary and secondary address. So at the moment we have many duplicates in our contact database because of this. Ideally we would like to have a primary address but specify which address(s) the newsletter is sent to. 


Upvote! this is very much needed 


Hello, we have members of our team with whom we need to communicate using their work email and also their personal email for different purposes. They are the same person, and we want to be able to use either of the primary work email or the personal email as the one we need.  I very much support this idea and would like to see it brought into practice as quickly as possible


Please add this feature. Many customers want to receive our emails at home and at the office. Thanks.