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Marketing emails to secondary email addresses

You should be able to send marketing emails to the secondary email address field.  We market primarily to couples who each have their own email address but are really one customer.  As it stands now, you can only send marketing emails like newsletters to one address so the spouse does not receive it.

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November 01, 2023 04:25 AM

Hi All, Thank you for the continued interest in this feature. It is not in our Q4 plan but we will review as a team and update this post in the coming weeks to give a clearer answer for 2024. 

Not Currently Planned
May 25, 2020 06:44 PM

Thanks for your comments on the idea. This isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned' for the time being. We will re-evaluate in the future and we will update this idea if anything changes. Please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread. 

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This feature is crucial for many of my clients who are schools. Given that the majority of contacts are parents, they want to both be able to receive information about the school and their child's application. There's not any easy workarounds without adding lots of extra contacts either, which is not possible given that the properties we personalise emails with sit under the 'primary' contact.


Yes I totally agree that this feature is needed, or at least a workaround.


The only thing that could be confusing for the customer / lead: Sometimes they don't remember that they have opted into the communication with two email addresses. So when they then opt out with one email address, they will still get emails to their other email inbox. This could cause some confusion as in "I have already opted out, who do they still send me emails?".


Other than that: Totally agree with everyone here.


This would be really useful for an audience whereby as stated above you have a spouse / parent that both would like to receive a service update about their child's membership / progress. 




We also need this feature urgently!


Feature needed here too! Big time. 


Yes much needed. We send most comms to people's work emails, but they sign up to some of our services using personal emails or social SSO, and therefore their GDPR consent for service communications is via that personal email address. HubSpot stores on the contact record the consent at email level, so why isn't this being honoured for the communications? Currently people will either receive the email to the wrong email address, will not receive an email at all, or will end up with multiple contact records and therefore have incorrect comms (e.g. rules for workflows will not work as requires a holistic view of a person and all the comms they have received regardless to what email address).


We work with K-12 and sometimes the students actually cannot receive emails to their school-issued emails. It's a hassle since I need to export a separate list to email the parents' emails on file instead! Would really like to see this feature implemented to streamline this process. 


Essentially the reason we haven't upgraded and moved fully over from Mailchimp


Yes, it's pretty sad there is no feature to even make a bulk swap of primary to secondary emails when the primary has not engaged, bounced, or unsubscribed.


Many clients sign up for resources like white papers, or our newsletter, with a personal email address as it is easier than re-signing up with a new company email address if they move role (which happens very often in our target industry). Being able to send marketing emails therefore to multliple address on one contact profile is really important for my business.


I found the solution! Switch to ZOHO. Has EVERYTHING that HubSpot offers plus MORE and is a FRACTION OF THE COST (litterally 1/5 of the cost we're paying to HubSpot). And, Zoho allows you to email all email addresses tied to a single contact.


PS - I have zero affiliation with Zoho. Just letting everyone know about a solution that I've found. Cancelling my HubSpot and making the switch for my whole office. 


We need to see this idea come to fruition - as an online school, we want to send some emails to students' parents. It doesn't make sense for us to create a parent property when communication with the parent is contingent on the student contact properties (age being under 18, student status, etc.)


Okay Hubspot - it's been several years since this idea was suggested. Any movement on implementing this feature? 


agree. needed, soon.


Really need to be able to send emails to secondary email address or be able to quickly and easily bulk swap them over at the very least so that 2 email sends will work in the interim.


This is 3 years old now- we have many customers who want to receive marketing emails at multiple associated email addresses, not just the primary one. We should be able to designate secondary/tertiary email addresses as marketable. The way it is now we have to create additional separate contact records for these other email address and there isn't a way to associate the contact records except through a common associated company record. I understand it will require managing the activity timeline events for each email address so that is complex, but I am confident your dev team can rise to the challenge!


Really hope we we will see this implementation soon.

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A case for the B2B side of things - I'm working with a client who has multiple user emails attached to their product login.


They have users that may be working for multiple companies (one user ID,  2+ accounts associated) and they may use a different email for each account (work v personal v freelance email). We'd like to market to and track them as one individual with the ability to speak to different email addresses when the marketing offer would only apply to that account (ie - free v paid; upgrade and receive X; special feature available in Y account).


The flexible associations feature added recently does not accommodate emailing different email addresses. So, we looked into secondary email addresses as an option but it seems secondary email is only used for:

  • 1:1 sales emails in HubSpot/Outlook or Gmail plugin
  • capturing data on the user as one person for form submissions

For us it is essential to be able to send our email marketing not only the main email but also other secondary ones. Our target audience are presidents of international companies and it is essential that our communications are also received by their assistants.

The possibility of our marketing campaigns being received by both, the main contact and the direct person that collaborates with him/her, which we have as a secondary email, is essential for the management and control of their responses.

We do not think it is a good solution to create additional contacts that imply higher platform costs and that are not really our main contact. This implementation would help us to continue working with Hubspot, while otherwise we will be forced to look for another platform that does give us this option.


Just want to add to this thread so the Hubspot team continues to be aware that this feature is severely needed. We routinely need to communicate with people as both an individual client and a point of contact for their business or organization. They use separate email addresses for each purpose.